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How To Explode an Egg

follow steps 1 - 4 and ignore #5

1. Crack eggs in the Poacher and pierce both yolk and white several times from directly above with a cocktail stick (preferably), sharp knife or fork. This is important as it helps prevent the eggs from ‘exploding’.

2. Add a teasoon of water per egg.

3. Close the lid and position Poacher at the edge of the turntable.

4. On medium power setting cook 1 egg for approximately 30 seconds, 2 eggs for 40 seconds.

5. Check eggs and cook for 10 second increments until you achieve the desired results. Remember eggs carry on cooking a little after removal from the microwave.

Follow instructions 1 – 4 and ignore 5 and you will have a lovely jubbly exploded egg smeared right around the microwave!

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