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There is a lot of talk in the Personal Development world about ‘finding your passion’ – (and they’re not referring to sex 🙂 )!  In the past I wouldn’t have put much store in that kind of talk – there were lots of things I enjoyed and I had loads of interests…..but ‘passionate’ about them…no, not really!  

So what does that have to do with today? Well today I celebrate 9 years of  ‘freedom’ and in so doing I have also found my ‘passion’!!  I arrived in London on 9th October 2001 enroute to Ireland, to help my sister celebrate her 30th birthday and for what at the time I thought would be a nice long holiday.

Cut a long story short…. I adored Ireland – I discovered what freedom meant and in the first 2 months I travelled the length and breadth of  that tiny island with my delightful sister and brother-in-law, subsequently cancelled my ticket home (South Africa), and lingering for another 4 months till I was forced by law to go back to SA….which I did, but only long enough to get my Ancestral Visa and return to London.  And therein lies the passion.

London had me at……no not at ‘hello’, it had me when I saw the chimney pots 🙂  Right through the years I had always maintained that I was never interested in visiting London, that if I ever visited the UK, I would merely pass through London on my way to the countryside….well fate/life/the universe had other plans for me and as we exited the underground enroute to Heathrow I fell in love.  I found my passion.

Now, no rude comments please, but…..I am a fan of ‘Mary Poppins’ (don’t laugh; I have seen it 20 times already…probably more) I can even say ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ backwards (ha! kidding).   But seriously, London has stolen my heart.  Since living here I have travelled to so many wonderful places, not only in the UK, but in USA and Europe as well and yet whenever I return to London my heart races and I get all excited.

The difference between here and there is so vast that I can’t even begin to describe it.  When I look back on my life in SA it looks squished and restricted in comparison to here.  I marvel at the sense of freedom in being able to walk through a city filled with history and stories, of discovering quirky and sometimes plainly absurd features and places, of visiting some of the most exquisite buildings you could not even imagine (although obviously someone did).  I could talk for hours about this city and never become bored. No matter where I go there is always something new to discover.  It has truly become my passion.

And in finding my passion I enjoy unending freedom.  So today I celebrate 9 years of freedom and the opportunity to live in, what is to me anyway, the most beautiful, fun, interesting, amazing, wonderful, incredible…… city in the world.

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