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What do an elite quarter of Mayfair, ancient buildings, bespoke tailors, a world-famous street, grass, sheep-dogs, shepherds, wool and sheep have in common?  Why!…… London of course!!! 🙂 

sheep ahead......not sure if they meant of the two or four legged kind!!

Where is the world would you find a field of sheep, grazing along an ‘upper’ class street in the middle of a bustling major city?  London has to be top of the list for ‘crazy out-of-this-world things to see in the City’, city! Yesterday was no exception and what fun it was to see a herd of sheep, not quite dotted about the landscape but rather huddled together in the corner, in the middle of one of the most upmarket streets in Mayfair: Savile Row in London.
I am not entirely sure what I expected to find on arrival. In my mind’s eye I had a vision of rolling green, grassy hills dotted with sheep… in reality I found two seperate fenced-in areas with a huddle of very perplexed looking sheep, none too impressed with the day’s going-on!

sheep in Savile Row!!! whatever next?

Hundreds of people milling about, camera flashes going off, children shouting; a noisy stream of ebb and flow as more and more folk dropped by to witness the spectacle. 

Farmerman in spiffy 'bespoke' outfit with sheep-dogs and bemused looking sheep

Savile Row, termed the “golden mile of tailoring”, has a history that stretches back hundreds of years, a row of bespoke tailors that cater to the rich, mega-rich and famous and I am sure a few hard-working folk too!  It is also home to some of the most famous British tailors in the country. Synonymous worldwide with the artisty of craftmanship of Great British tailoring, Savile Row has been home to bespoke tailoring for over two centuries.
Bespoke tailoring is the Haute Couture of men’s style and Savile Row has dressed every icon of male elegance from Lord Nelson, Napoleon III, Winston Churchill, Valentino and Astaire to Sinatra, Jagger and Jude Law not to mention crowned heads, statesmen and captains of industry….names the ‘Row’ is too discreet to mention!
Yesterday’s event, part of a 5 year campaign designed to demonstrate wool’s natural, sustainable qualities and supreme versatility, the Campaign for Wool is supported by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, who understands the need for natural solutions and recognises wool as the first choice for sustainability, durability and quality.

combed Australian sheeps woll in the Wool shed..where else!

At the event, two British herds were on display in support of the campaign, namely: Exmoor Horns (courtesy of Harry and Jane Parker – Wiltshire), 

Exmoor Horns

 and Bowmonts, (courtesy of Lesley and Roger Prior – Devon). 


Exmoor Horns are typically a hill breed, found on the high ground of Exmoor National Park – hardy and well adapted to many landscapes whether harsh or pastoral and the Bowmont sheep, a cross between Saxon Merino (75%) and Shetland (25%), they are the closest derivative the country has to Australian Merinos.
After ‘milling’ about a bit, I left to explore the further reaches of our fair city and the sheep did what sheep do….they lay down for a rest…. 

oooooh! me feet are killing me.... all this milling about....'aving a rest we are

 very sensible!
Amongst the illustrious names of the Tailors; Anderson & Sheppard; Gieves & Hawkes and Richard Anderson to name but a few, can be found two of the suppliers of high quality wools; Fox Brothers & Co Ltd – producers of luxurious woollen and worsted cloth at it’s mill in Somerset since 1772 & Dormeuil – established 1842 by Jules Dormeuil, purveyors of the world’s finest fabrics – now spanning 5 continents.
Savile Row (pronounced /ˈsævɪl/, both vowels short with accent on the first syllable) is a shopping street in Mayfair, central London, famous for its traditional men’s bespoke tailoring. The term “bespoke” is understood to have originated in Savile Row when cloth for a suit was said to “be spoken for” by individual customers.
Savile Row runs parallel to Regent Street between Conduit Street at the northern end and Vigo Street at the southern. Linking roads include Burlington Place, Clifford Street and Burlington Gardens.

Savile Row London as you have never seen it before.....

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