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I was absolutely appalled to read on the news this morning that a beautiful creature, in the prime of it’s life had been gratuiously shot and killed……..as a trophy! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-devon-11624253

definition of ‘trophy’: A prize or memento, such as a cup or plaque, received as a symbol of victory, especially in sports.

A trophy should be for an achievement, for succeeding at something, reaching heights of perfection!  How is it that mankind is able to justify the killing of a beautiful creature as a trophy?  It is sickening to me that there are still people in this world that view the stalking and gratuitous killing of wild animals as a sport and something to be proud of! “gee look at me, I just killed an innocent creature, a creature that had not a hope in hell of survival the second I came near, a creature that is outmanouvered and unable to defend itself against me as I hide in the brush with a gun and bullets, hide so that the creature is unable to see me…how brave and bloody marvellous I am!”….(but look at me as I run away in fear if same creature had to turn on me! How brave would I be then, if faced down by the very animal I want to kill?)

It is appalling to me that this same person, that killed the stag, would be proud of what they did, proud to take back that beautiful animal’s head or pelt as in the case of wild cats and actually boast that they had killed the animal.  How sickening!

It’s the same when people head off into the wilds and if they are confronted by and mauled or killed by a wild animal, said animal is then hunted down and killed as if it had a choice, as if it stood there and said…”mate, your’e in my territory I am gonna kill ya!”.  If we invade the space of a wild animal then be prepared to be confronted, have the courage to go in without protection or stay out!  I am so angry….if it were possible to spit spiders….there would be hundreds flying about the place by now.

We should be the protectors of this earth and it’s creatures, find ways of conserving and preserving them.  I understand that in order for some species to survive in the world we have created there are those that need to be culled to ensure the balance is kept right.  Actually that is such a contradition.  Mankind procreates and population levels rise constantly, already at dangerous levels, destroying wild habitat and the homes of wild animals and yet mention that perhaps it’s time to introduce a ‘culling programme’  for humans and people would be up in arms with horror.  What balance then!  There is no balance!!!

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For Tomorrow

I buy a magazine called ‘The People’s Friend’ that has been around for years and years for the lady I care for. The magazine is filled with stories, poems, recipes and lovely places in the UK to visit. My kind of magazine!  Anyway, I was paging through the magazine this afternoon and found this delightful poem that dates back to 1951 (a bit before my time of course 🙂 ) and thought I would share it with you.

For Tomorrow.

My friendships are the homing ships
That touch the evening shore,
And they are all the flowers fair
That blossom at my door.

They are the stars that twinkle
When the sun has slipped away;
They are my windows and my roof
Against a rainy day.

My friendships warm the winter snow
And cool the summer breeze,
And bring to life the pages of
My book of memories.

They are the jewels in my box,
The hopes that fill my chest,
The courage of my effort
And my comfort when I rest.

And I shall keep and cherish them
As long as I may last,
To live for some tomorrow
And to dream about the past,

The poem is lovely and the words beautiful.  What fascinates me the most with poetry, is how someone can take ordinary words and by linking them together in patterns create a work of beauty, something that lasts longer than the writer, the testimonial to a snapshot in time of feelings that meant something to them…..and a legacy for us to enjoy!

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