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icky sticky cubes

As an immigrant ( 🙂 ) from South Africa, albeit of British descent, there were lots of new things to learn when I arrived in the UK….one of which was shopping!  Now you may think that is would be easy knowing which store was more upmarket, which sold the cheapest ‘made in china using slave-labour’ products; therefore to be avoided, which dishwashing liquid is the best, which soap powder to use and whether or not a product was good or bad.  But no….. it is only through trial and error you finally find the ones you like and eliminate the not so good or rubbish products.  One of the most intruiging products was jelly!  Back in SA our jelly came in powder form… crystallised flavoured sugar really, but nevertheless it contained the by-product of cows hooves and therefore once heated and dissolved, then refridgerated for a few hours it made the wobbly stuff.  You also had to use the whole packet at once or else it coagulated into lumpy blobs.  Despite that, the powder was also fun to poke your tongue into for a sugary treat but if you dropped the packet it made an awful sticky mess on the floor, if you tried to sneak some out the packet and breathed in too soon…you could also choke to death. 🙂

Here in the UK I discovered that jelly came in icky sticky cubes

a square of jelly


jelly cubes

Makes perfect sense really…..if you want just a bit of jelly you cut off a cube or two and save the rest for later. And although the packet boasts ‘natural colours’ there is nothing natural about the colours at all.

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