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Blimey! What a week it’s been.   As I write I am sitting at Sweetie Pies in Twickenham.

I only had one cupcake 🙂

Having just enjoyed a pot of tea and a yummy chocolate cupcake I thought I would kill time while waiting for CJ to finish work by writing my next blog.  As mentioned before I am staying at a friends flat while she is away in South Africa, which is great, except she has a flat-mate who is, if not from hell, then certainly close enough to!!! geez, it never ceases to amaze me that people feel they can be rude with no reason.  Ok, so it is her flat but seriously is that a reason to be so rude and speak to me like I crawled out the trash?  I have been hard-pressed to keep my mouth shut and not retaliate coz I know there is no point in that and achieves nothing. It would be no fun if I did retaliate and she decided to kick me out….so needs must and I keep my mouth shut.  I leave tomorrow anyhow so thankfully I won’t be seeing her again.  She also works during the day so peace reigns supreme till 7pm…at which stage I make myself scarce and head to the bedroom.

On the job front I have had some small measure of success and applied for a position that looks great and something I could really get my teeth into!  I submitted my CV yesterday and today they called me to come in for an interview asap! Hooray. I would love to get this job as it plays to all my strengths and involves a certain amount of Social Media expertise as well…. which is brilliant!  The salary is ok, and it will also mean that I have my weekends free to persue my own interests and then I can start planning my itineraries and start advertising them.  I do have to know my schedule and with the care work, it is just not possible to plan anything in advance coz I never know where I am gonna be.  Have to keep my time free and clear in case a job comes in.

On that front, I leave tomorrow for Kent.  I am quite excited about this job as the lady sounds really nice and of course there is the village to explore. 🙂  I have been doing some research and it seems that the area has some tenuous links to the Pilgrims Way and that is definitely worth exploring.  As well as which there are some woods nearby that definitely need to be explored.
I have been playing catchup on my twitter accounts and it’s really cool to be back online.  I’m not sure if I mentioned previously, but I joined a photography page on facebook and they have a different theme everday. This has been great fun and a real challenge to see if I can find a photo that matches the relevant theme.  This has also given me loads of ideas for future photos.  Through the page I have also discovered two websites where I can upload my photos for sale.  I am of course really not sure if they will be of the right quality, but hey, if you don’t try……you don’t succeed.

I have also registered on a really lovely site called ‘women like us’ that caters for women who want to get back into the work environment.  Not that I have been without work, but I really do want to get back into the office environment asap.

Okay, so just had a phone call…bad news on tomorrow’s job. The lady just called to say she has to cancel the job as she is not going home for a while.   Urgh!!!! this is exactly why I simply cannot do this anymore.  I have to get a settled job.  This is now very inconvenient and that means I dont get a salary for the next 10 days! They just have no idea.  Urgh, it also means that I don’t get to explore the village! 😦 ah well. I will have to go there with my campervan when I get the contract from the BBC to do a programme on the UK villages of the Domesday Book! 🙂 🙂 and that of course is a message to the universe that is taking it’s own sweet time on this.
Anyhow that is my stressed gripe out the way……moving on.

I guess now I can carry on with my internet stuff and also get to go and sort out my storage stuff in preparation for moving next week.  I dicovered that it’s way cheaper to store stuff out of London than in. No suprise really but I just never thought to check that out. Needs must hey!
We are still awaiting my niece’s arrival and I keep checking my brother’s profile to see if there is any announcement…but nothing so far. Eeee….can’t wait to meet the new baba.

While I was waiting for CJ to finish work I took a stroll down to the river…..whoa!!! high tide, and I mean HIGH tide. The river was way up the road and cars were again under water.  The folks on Eel Pie Island were waiting patiently for the water to receed so they could get off the bridge.  The swans were swimming along the promenade and the ducks took a stroll along the sidewalk through the water.   It looks so awesome.  I found out the other day that the river level rises up to 7 feet twice a day.  The Thames is of course a tidal river so this is a phenomenon that can be seen every day.  Some days it rises so high that motorists who have parked in the bays along the river front sometimes have their cars covered in water up to and over the chassis. Eeewww!!!

tides in....you can see the people on the bridge waiting to get off and the car on the right where the water is receeding

So after work my daughter took me for dinner at her favourite restaurant in Twickenham; Pincho. Love their food. We had aubergine bake, hallumi, houmous, pattas bravas. Hmmm. Yummy.  Then a brisk walk back to her place, and here I am. Still stressing big time about the sudden job cancellation and the lack of income that goes with that….but I have high hopes for the job interview tomorrow.  I would really love to get this position….the job description sounds fab! 🙂 Hold thumbs.

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