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I will say one thing for sure….social media or the tools of social media have certainly changed our social lives.
Today (Monday) I met up with a lass I met through twitter.  When I started my @3days_in_london twitter account last year had no idea of some of the lovely people I would meet.   Actually that stands true for my @notjustagranny twitter as well as my blog and facebook page.

But back to 3days….last year some time I made the acquaintance of Beth via twitter and we got to chatting through mentions and dm’s.  She had visited London a number of times and loved the city.   She enjoyed the tweets I posted and we kept in contact over the months and promised to meet up when she was next in London (she hails from the USA).

In due course we connected via facebook and last week on one of the rare days I had connection to the internet I noticed a post from her on my feed that indicated she was in London!!! whoo hoo!   I sent a quick message and said “Let’s meet up” and yesterday we did! 🙂
What a lovely lass!   We met at the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square and from there made our way to the Embankment Cafe in the Victoria Embankment Gardens.   What a delight to meet someone who shares my passion for London.

We exchanged stories of our London adventures and like me she feels that this is where she is meant to be!  Standing one day in front of the Royal Courts of Justice, she looked around her and realised that London was exactly where she was meant to live!  Precisely how I feel about the city.  Only my epiphany came back in 2001 as the train roared out from the underground near Harrow and I saw the chimney pots on the houses (I told this story before so won’t bore you again!)

Beth also loves to dig deep beneath the layers of history and discover enchanting and secretive places in the city.   Our conversation went back and forth as we enjoyed a delicious slice of cake and a ‘cuppa’! 🙂   She was currently in London to do a TEFL course and plans to return next year to live in this marvellous city…..how could she not!
She is planning a return to London in October of this year as well which is great coz I will be on a break pretty much the same time as she is in London so we are planning a days walkabout! 🙂 yay!    The idea will be to start early in the morning and just walk wherever our feet take us.   Like me she loves to just meander and investigate the unknown.
How marvellous.  And what is brilliant about this little story is that I would never have met Beth were it not for twitter and facebook.

So, like travel broadens the mind, and books broaden our knowledge, so it is that the internet opens up opportunities to meet people from across the globe; people we may never have had the good fortune to meet otherwise…..unless you believe in fate and that we would have met somewhere along the line anyway!  Possible certainly, but I am not so sure we would meet as many marvellous people as what we do.  I have made the acquaintance of folks from across the globe, some of whom I have met in person, some of whom I correspond with on a regular basis via the net (when I have connection).

So there we are, I have met a lovely young woman with whom I hope to keep in touch and perhaps become friends in time.
As for the cake….hmmmmhmmm I can certainly recommend a visit to the Embankment Cafe.   I had the carrot cake and it was delicious.   For £3.50 you get a large cup of tea (not in a pot mind) and a fairly decent sized slice of cake.   A real deal in my opinion.  They have chairs and table set up outside and it was wonderful to sit in the cooling shade of the bountiful green trees, the hum of traffic dulled by the hedgerows, the sounds of a table tennis game going on nearby, and twitter of birds going about their business….sublime. I will definitely be going back there next week during my break.  the only downside were the pigeons, a real pest, landing on the table as we were eating.
And as of yesterday we have just 361 days to the 2012 Olympics! Hooray!! I am so excited.

2012 olympic clock in trafalgar square, 3 days in london

the 2012 Olympic Clock in Trafalgar Square.....only 361 days to go as of 01.08.2011

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