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I have been very fortunate to have travelled quite extensively around the UK and visited many of her fair counties.   Most people would say that Kent is the most beautiful, and it known as The Garden County’.  I have to agree that it is exceptionally beautiful.  However, I would have to say that I am quite unable to say which is exactly ‘the most beautiful’ when a visit to Suffolk enchants and delights, a visit to Somerset leaves you gasping at the joy of the fields and villages, Devon leaves you breathless with her fabulous cliffs and seascapes and Cornwall is a delight of hidden coves, beaches, and quaint fishermen’s hamlets.  A trip to Scotland will leave your mouth agape at the splendour: craggy towering mountains, deep blue bottomless lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see, purple heather that rolls over windswept hills, thundering waterfalls that rush downstream, and weather that thrills you to the core with its violence and thunder.  Wales is a magical mix of green and blue, bubbling streams, ancient streets in tiny hamlets.  So in all I have to say that pretty much ALL of the UK is fabulous.

Presently I am residing in a little village in Kent.  I arrived at a 2 platform station set amongst the wild green growth of summer in full bloom, and marvelled that the train didn’t just whizz by and miss the station if the driver blinked his eyes.  Tiny little place with the quirky name of Knockholt!  The area is gorgeous, winding roads that twist and turn between the towering hedgerows I mentioned before, with just a glimpse of fields behind at the gaps and gates.  The villages perch precariously close to the roads, with just a small patch of garden between the house and tarmac.  But what gardens they are!  A glorious abundance of delicate english flowers, thorny blackberry bushes, now just starting to bear fruit that ripens into plump black berries that tease the tastebuds.

picturesque houses

As with most villages in the counties, old houses many of which date back to the 1800’s and earlier line the main road.  You usually find a church that has a history going back to the middle ages and farther; into the mists of time.  Farmers fields abound, cows at the gate testimony to the time.  A post office and a viallge store the sum total of commercialism and now and then a B&B or a little gift shop that doubles as a tearoom….where more often than not you can partake of a delicious, freshly baked scone with home-made jams and cream so think you can almost cut it with a knife.

Yesterday was fresh and lovely, so during my break I went walkabout.  The roads are narrow and there is precious little space for pedestrians but coz it’s so quiet, you can hear cars coming well before they reach you.  There is always a gap in the hedge for safety. 🙂  As mentioned above, the houses that line the main road are quaint and tiny, with quirky names and gorgeous gardens, but as you walk farther away down side roads the properties and houses are of a size that beggar belief.  Massive green lawns that must surely need an army of gardeners to keep under control, and houses that would fit the rest of the village comfortably within.  Seriously they are huge!!! one has to wonder why people need such massive houses to live in!  I passed a secretive, ancient woodland, trees twisted in grotesque shapes, creeper that clings and there is nothing that can quite match that musty smell.  I was on the search for the church, but apparently didn’t walk far enough, so that will have to wait for another day. (some more photos)

There are two pubs; The Cock Inn from 1718 (I know!!!) and The Rose & Crown.  One of the houses is just gorgeous with white walls and pale yellow shutters.  I stopped at a gap in the hedgerow and just enjoyed the fields tucked away behind it, dotted with wild flowers and birds; magpies hopping about as they do.  They are such strange birds they way they walk about like a parody of an undertaker.  Evidently the village is growing if you count the houses that have been built along the winding roads, and a drive through the village belies the extent to which it has spread.  I love to poke and peer and sometimes venture into places I probably shouldn’t be….but in doing so I find all sorts of interesting things…..like a huge field dotted with children’s play equipment, swings, a slide, a trampoline, football posts and a jungle-gym!. Who would have thought!

cutesy inns

This is definitely one of the perks of the work I do, travelling to tiny little villages in the depths of the countryside.
However, my heart is always in London and I do miss my frequent walkabouts.  I was riding on the bus from Lancaster Gate to Turham Green the other day and realised that despite my ‘frequent’ walkabouts, I have so much still to explore!  I have barely touched kensington, Chelsea and those areas of London.  So now that I am out ‘that way’, so to speak, I will be sure to hop on the bus into town for more excursions! 🙂 can’t wait!

On the job front….been doing lots of research into office type jobs, but it’s a no go as far as I can see. Mostly need experience again on programmes I haven’t worked on before! As mentioned!  I have started to broaden my horizons and searching for jobs with more adventurous and interesting features.  Hmmmm, some really cool jobs out there.  I saw a good one for a P.A. In Richmond, but they require First Aid experience, so have saved it for further perusal.  Only 30 hours a week and a fairly good rate per hour. Might be a possibility.  I think I would actually like to get something in travel or within the travel industry….preferrably an outdoors type of job! Can’t bear the thought of being tied up for 9 hours a day indoors.  So am looking, looking.  I am writing up a list of things I enjoy most and working on that. Will be interesting to see what comes of all my tag words in google. Wonder what it will spit out.  Of course my ideal job would be as a companion to someone on a cruise ship….now that I could enjoy! 🙂

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