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hello and goodbye

well hello! 🙂 I was hoping to post a blog today, been for some really exciting walks round London the last few weeks. But my internet reception keeps going off after a couple of minutes, so I will have to get back to that another time. It’s been a really annoying couple of weeks actually and has made me realise just how much I depend on the internet for conversation, connection and keeping in touch.  so far I have been online for about 10 minutes and in that time had to log off and back on again 4 times!!! just too irritating to continue for any length of time.

I did discuss this with the provider and it seems that all they can offer is a) I have to be patient and wait till they get the upgrade done

b) I cancel the contract and go elsewhere.

Nice one 3!!! especially since I have been a customer for the last 6 years! So instead I argued my case and have managed to acquire a credit for 3 months of no charge! and quite right too.

On the plus side, I have been doing a lot of reading about London and know a lot more useless information than I did a few weeks ago. I have managed to prepare 35 blogs for my business site http://www.3daysinlondon.info which I will download/upload (I am never too sure which is which) once I am on leave in August.

Thankfully I will be off for 14 days and hopefully will have internet reception where I will be staying.  Hopefully!!!

So in the meantime, I am writing up loads of info for twitter, reading, and generally twiddling my thumbs…I am to my shame also watching a lot more TV.  However, in my defence….I am also bored. What did I do before the internet took over my life? 🙂

So with the impending holiday (well more a break from work than a holiday) I will make the most of the time off and update my twitter account, facebook page and my blogs. I will also be going on a lovely long walk through London, celebrating my daughter’s birthday (with cupcakes most likely), possibly working out of town for a week (if the agency find a postion for me) and completing the itineraries for the business.

ooo, which brings me to…..I don’t think I told you yet…..but I did my first conducted tour recently! It was for a group of 12 people.  It was great fun!  Every one said they really enjoyed it (hope they were not fibbing) and we got to enjoy each others company for 2 hours while I showed them round London.  Whilst researching the route I discovered all sorts of interesting things…like that Oscar Wilde was incarcerated at the Bow Street Magistrates Court and goaled for 2 years! (of course that was a long time ago! 🙂 and also that King Charles II was a very bad lad! and all sorts of useless information….but so right up my alley.  The more I learn about this city the more fascinating I find it.

So anyhow, thats me for now. I will be back with more later. till then…. au revoir!! 🙂 and look at that, this turned out to be a blog of it’s own! hahaha! now lets see if I have reception for it to go thru!

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So, the trip to South Africa was timeous after all.  The reason we visited last month was to spend some time with not only the family and friends, but also two lovely people who are both in their 90’s. My daughter’s grandparents have both been unwell over the last year with falls and various other ailments.  The last time we saw them was 3.5 years ago on a trip in 2008.

The time we spent with them on this trip was very precious and we had some lovely times with laughter and talking and shared experiences.

Sadly, today we found out that her grandfather passed away this week! 😦 This was not unexpected, but devastating nonetheless.  So we had the time to say goodbye, although we didnt know how soon he would go, and how grateful we are that we made the trip.  So goodbye to a wonderful man; Alan you will be dearly missed.

in loving memory of a lovely man - Alan Daubney

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Hello. 🙂  It feels like I have been away for ages and am quite out the loop.    So here’s the thing……I have had major challenges with my computer and internet reception these last 3 weeks…in fact I am not even sure I will be able to post this blog!!! (if you are reading this, then that probably means I did = a miracle, hahaha!)

So after my return from South Africa my computer went on the blink and expired after a couple of days. After much mucking about and some extremely irate calls to 3G who provided me with the computer I found someone who could have a look at it for me. The problem was resolved within 20minutes = the transformer had expired. Bought a new one and hey presto, I could access the computer again.

And so began the next stage in the saga……internet reception. This has now gone on for 2 weeks, and after numerous calls to the network provider and computer provider I have today told them that unless they sort this out in the next 24hours, I will not only cancel the contract, but I will also return the computer that they sold to me on a 2 year contract with a 1 year warranty! and then i will go to another provider!  It seems they are working on the mast in the area and this is causing network interuptions which will last until 22 September!   Hello! Not my problem.  You are charging me for a service I am not receiving….therefore I expect to not be charged = one month’s credit agreed.  However, as I explained to them this morning, that is not going to solve the problem as I run my business from this computer and I have not been able to do anything for 3 weeks. Nothing, nada and ziltch!

So folks, my apologies for being so scarce, but I can scarcely ( 🙂 ) bring myself to log on these days coz I know what is going to happen…..and that is enough to make me want to throw the computer right out the window.  So rather than mess about with my blood pressure I have stayed off the internet!

If I manage to post this blog…..it will be a miracle.  In the interim, please forgive me for being so quiet I will be back asap!

In the meantime….what would you suggest would be good ‘Things To Do’ when your network provider tells you that you will not be having internet access for another 2 months+!

I am thinking along the lines of ‘How to throw the computer out the window without breaking it’.

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