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So on my way home yesterday, after spending the morning at Sweetie Pies, I sent a wee message to the Universe to ask for a bit of financial input! (read – work, although a lottery win of substance would be even better). A few hours later I got a frantic call from the Agency to say that they desperately needed my help with a job in Kent! Of course I said yes, since the cash would be great to keep the wolf from the door at month end! πŸ™‚ Although I did have a bit of a stress coz I really did not want to take on any more care work. However, needs must! But, to cheer me and give me hope, another exciting call came a bit later and a friend of mine was looking for someone to do some hefty spreadsheets for her and of course again I said yes. So that is a step in the right direction for building up ‘The Money Box’ business. Hooray! Frantic packing took place last night, sorting what to take and what not! I can’t bear to lug a heavy suitcase around the UK anymore, so now I am endeavouring to ‘travel light’….well more or less! So this morning I headed off bright and early to catch the train to Knockholt in Kent for a 7 day job. I think that if I am going to continue taking work with the agency they have to keep them short. Just as a boost to the bank balance till I get more work secured in the accounts side. Kent is a beautiful area of the UK with rolling green fields, some dotted with wooly white/ish sheep, hedgerows that tower above the road, hundreds of towering green trees, quaint and cute little villages, the well-known Hop-Houses, and winding roads that weave in and out of the patchwork tapestry of farms, fields, villages and hills. And green, green, green! The lady I am caring for is lovely and in retrospect I am glad I agreed to this position. She is the same age as me and has Muscular Dystrophy. A bit of a kick in the pants for me from a ‘get your act together Cindy’ kinda way. I want to travel and so far I have fallen into a comfort zone (which of course I am now out of), so this has given me the wake-up call I need. A shock really. I could not imagine being tied to a wheelchair for the rest of my life and I am ever so grateful that I am in relatively good health. So perhaps after all it was good that I took this postion. I do believe I am going to enjoy this position. The houses in the area are gorgeous, old pubs, the little village church, gardens spilling over with blooms, no sirens, and very little traffic to speak of. I am enjoying the quiet, a real change from London, although to be fair the house I lived at in Highgate was also situated in a very quiet spot, albeit with a very different view and much, much bigger. I am already missing Highgate, but I do love Twickenham which is where I have been for the last few days. And of course I am already missing my lovely daughter. Will be really good to see her again in a week’s time. It’s really weird being ‘homeless’, and even though I always have a roof over my head, it’s never mine! The last time I owned a roof over my head was back in 2001!!! how bizarre. So essentially I have been homeless for the last almost 10 years, and yet I have always had a place to lay my head; albeit sometimes on the floor πŸ™‚ – usually with a mattress and pillow beneath me. So, where to from here? I seem to be asking myself this question quite a lot lately and as yet have no answer. I know exactly what I would like to be doing, yet so far the means to do so, or perhaps the method of doing so is eluding me. Not sure why, but I am sure I will figure it out. Meanwhile, it would seem that my internet woes have followed me to Kent viaTwickenham and I am no better off as far as reception is concerned than I was back in Highgate. The provider; 3, have now said they will replace the dongle…..and about time too! I told them weeks ago that was the problem! So once again I am limited to logging on and off at 3 – 4 minutes intervals to do anything…..like post this blog. It is more than annoying as I have so much research and work to do. I haven’t been on my 3 Days in London twitter account for ages!!! When I do get reception, it will be to create the page for The Money Box – the Credit Control/Accounting business I wish to pursue. It would be so brilliant if I could get enough freelance work to continue with that as I really do love that type of work. I will also have to investigate securing part-time work from agencies. Quite a daunting prospect and I recall only too clearly how demeaning it was the last time I went for interviews with agencies. All the Consultants are ‘young things’, and although it is probably my own perception, it felt pretty much like they were treating me as an antique. Hmmm, now there’s a thought! I love watching the Antiques Roadshow, and have often mused at how I would love to discover some gorgeous brooch or fab piece of antiquity for Β£5 at a boot sale only to find it is worth thousands of Β£’s πŸ™‚ ………….heehee, dream on! Well thats it folks, another day of my new adventures gone by. And although it doesnt feel like I have made progress, I do believe I am heading in the right direction. I plan on setting up a facebook page for The Money Box and advertise my services that way. New Media Angels also have an extensive network and once I have set up all my details, then that will go out in the next newsletter. That should be fun. Then I can say that ‘The Money Box’ is now open for business!

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