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Hi Damian, I hope you dont mind me replying via my blog, but I had too much to say for a tweet 🙂

Firstly I think you are doing a brilliant job and are to be commended for taking action to help save our bees.  I have been horribly concerned for the bees of the UK and the USA for some time now and if I remember correctly I wrote a couple of blogs a while back.

Re the @InnocentDrinks issue, I agree that they should be complimented for the 40 hives to the @NationalTrust and helping to re-introduce 2million bees back into the UK, and bravo to them for doing that.   I love too that they have the wee flower packs attached to the drinks bottle… great idea and excellent marketing, and why not also to the carton?

What I have issue with is what feels to me like a bit of jumping onto the band-wagon.  Now I know that they are not the first, are certainly not alone in the practice and probably won’t be the last to use a current cause to promote a product.

I just have a problem with what feels like commercialism and self-interest.   I also feel very uncomfortable with them making a drink using honey.  The bee population is already having great difficulty meeting human demand and are overstretched in so many ways, that it is almost unbearable.  If they had promoted the bees and the project using a different flavoured drink I would have applauded them for sure, although of course for obvious reasons they have to use a drink with honey.

Your comment raises an interesting question: Have Innocent in fact used British honey for the drinks?  Their whole marketing agenda  is based on ethical buying, congruency & giving back to the planet et al, so I sincerely hope that they have in fact only used UK honey.   BTW, whilst reading through their press releases I noticed they recently did a deal with Coca~Cola????

As for myself I only ever buy UK honey and preferrably from smaller co-operatives or at markets.  I would rather pay more for the product than not support our industry, although I do realise of course we have to trade.  I just feel that with the current situation the poor bees should be given a break and allowed to recover.  After all they need the honey for their own purposes too and that is why they make it in the first place (citation off wikipedia: Honey is created by bees as a food source. In cold weather or when fresh food sources are scarce, bees use their stored honey as their source of energy).    It’s only coz we humans have formed a liking for the taste that we have bred bees to produce more than needed by the bees themselves 🙂   I’m not surprised that the poor wee creatures are dying out, they are exhausted! 😦 and that besides all the muck (chemicals) that has been thrown at them over the years.

I did some research and reading up on the subject some months ago for my own personal interest, and this is one of the sites I visited to that end.  It may be of interest to you although I am sure you know way more than I do.   I have learnt a lot more since reading your posts 🙂

Just as a matter of interest, what do other tweeters say about the Innocent Drinks campaign?  Or am I the only one with a bee in my bonnet?  Excuse the intended pun 🙂 🙂

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