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Had a weird morning today. Was just brushing my hair when for the first time in ages I took a really good look at myself and realised that OMG! I’m getting old. This was brought about by the realisation that in exactly 20 days from now I will be 55years old. 

I had no problem with reaching 50, and in fact had one of the best holidays of my life in celebration (went to Paris for a week with my daughter).   It was kinda cool to be able to say that I was ‘half a century’. 

And now suddenly five years have gone by, my bones have started creaking a bit louder, my step is a bit slower, the waist is extending, the grey hairs are advancing inexorably, the hair colour’s receding and the truth can no longer be hidden….

In response to this shocking moment I sent a text to my daughter and 2 of my sisters!  The rest as they say is…..no, not history…. but a LOL joke, decending in hilarity. 

my text: Ugh! How weird, just realised in 20days time i will be 55! cant even say am half century now coz i am ‘morethan’ 🙂 bludy years are racing by!

Daughter: 🙂 silly ninky! Your’e beautiful & don’t look a day over 45! 🙂

me: Hahahaha! U r so gorgus 🙂 thank u my angel, u sure know how to make a Mom feel gud. bless u 4 being so sweet. mwah

Daughter 🙂 I just want your ‘jeans’ 😉

me: what! U ain’t getting mah jeans! Dey be my bestest pair! Buy yer own babydoll

Daughter: Heehee tah late big mama! I just got dem jeans sum time just 29yrs4months ago!

me: Aw shucks piglet, too l8 for u then , your’e snuckered. Welcome to my ‘jeans’

Daughter: Indeed! Tis alrite, am hapi to hav dem jeans!

Sister #1: u feel old; i’m doing old – am fotoing 1800s buildings in town of kaapschehoop near nelspruit!

Sister#2: Hubbie’s response: Hang in there old girl 🙂 Sister’s response: like a fine wine…Also we must appreciate the gift of long years and happy memories and wisdom earned without gaining a criminal record

me: Hahahaha! No jokes plz!! the criminal record may be nearer than u think!! As 4 the wine! Ever opened a bottle of old wine? Tastes like vinegar!

sister #2: hey look at the bright side! soon you can audition for a part in ‘waiting for god’.:)

……..and so my life is reduced to a pending part in a TV show! 🙂

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