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Goodness me! Poor Gordon Brown! What a faux-pax!!! Not that he is alone by any means, but the timing could not have been worse.

Now me personally I don’t like him at all, not sure why but he makes me nervous when he smiles.  I love his wife and think she is just brilliant but the man himself….uh uh. Although I am sure he is a perfectly nice guy.   Anyways, I read this morning’s article with great amusement and some sympathy.   You have to feel sorry for him.  He has kinda messed up…..as have many before him.  And if we wanted a good rant we could of course blame the whole mess of the economy etc on him.

Frankly I think all politicians should be brought down to earth now and then.  They get all airified (not sure if I spelt that right, or if it is even a word) and it’s good for them to get real now and then, and Gordon Brown to his obvious dismay was real.   It is a shame that politicians are unable to be honest.  He should have been able to speak his mind, after all his constituentee (?) did.  Perhaps she was being bigoted!  After all it would bear the British population well to keep in mind that Britian is made up of immigrants and as one comedian a few years back rightly pointed out, we are a mixed nation, created by the invaders of other European countries. (check your history folks).

What they should also keep in mind is that Britian became a great empire on the backs of immigrants and through conquering other perfectly happy nations, who were minding their own business till the conquering invaders came along and acquired their countries for the empire.  No that they were alone in that of course, they just did it better than anyone else.

Immigrants, like them or not (and I am one, of British decent mind you – a real mixed race person if ever there was one), are what help to shape and build an economy.  Many of whom are the people doing the manual labour and other such lowly jobs for minimum wage or less!

During a political discussion this afternoon with some visitors, they pointed out (and they are British) that Britian has become a welfare nation.  People are so used to expecting handouts and benefits that they have reared their children on this system, and those kids now expect it as their right to get the benefits.  What a load of bollocks!  I agree from the reports I have read that the system is a mess, but then again what isn’t in this wonderful world of ours right now.  It’s not all his fault and I am sure the other parties would probably have just as much of a struggle on their hands if they were managing it all.

Here in Britain, we are in fact a very priviledged bunch, with the most amazing amount of freedom of speech blah blah blah!  Try giving the leader of an Asian country a bollocking and see where that gets you!!

Back in South African (yeah, I’m one of those), we have 6 months of benefits.  You only get benefits for pregnancy, redundancy or illness.  After the 6 months, the monetary value of the payout reduces (not increases) on a sliding scale, and then it’s back to work or onto the streets. Now I’m not saying that is the ideal system, but it sure is an incentive to get a job.

So back to GB and his comments on air….bully for him, just a shame he did not tell her to her face and be real.  As for the apologising stuff….what on earth! People, seriously!!! This apologising stuff has been going on too long. So what if she wants to shift parties or not vote…who cares.  None of the other parties are any better, they are perhaps just a bit more slick.

So GB, sorry I can’t be a fan, but hey…..you are human. Good for you.

And his people should get a kick in the pants for not being on the ball and removing the microphone before he moved off.

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