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By all appearances spring has definitely arrived.  We have been blessed with three wonderful sunshiney days; days to be treasured as they are so rare.  Everywhere you look are blossoms galore, red, pink, white and yellow, the bushes are a blaze of colour.

spring colours


I took a stroll down to Hampstead Heath this afternoon to make the most of the sun and get some fresh air (been cooped up in the house since yesterday at 11:30)

sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy....

It is amazing how the sunny weather brings out the multitudes.  The grassy lawns of the park near the ponds were sprinkled with sunbathers, solitary snoozers, groups chatting, moms and dads pushing prams or yelling at kids on bikes, kites swooping gaily in the breeze, dogs running after balls, splashing in the ponds, ducks flapping and squawking, and overall an air of contentment and enjoyment; the ice-cream man doing a roaring trade.           

sunbathers, groups chatting, a day in the park

I meandered along the paths, peering through my lens, snapping here and there, capturing the sun and the mood.  Some very hardy (or mad) folk were swimming in the men’s pond (??) mad dogs and englishmen!!  

spring blossom at the ponds

I eventually reached one of the lower ponds and stopped to watch the waterfowl.   A similar multitude of birdfowl were out feeding, flapping, diving and scooting across the water; a splash of water in their wake.         

eqyptian geese

a menage-a-trois

Across the pond a swan set out; a mission on his mind.  Wings set in battle formation his breast cleaving the water before him, like a scooner at sea he plowed his way across the pond, with a beady eye on the egyptian geese.   A game (?) of tag soon ensued.  The geese flapping and running across the water, attempting to outswim the swan, to no avail.   He was not deterred when with a flourish of wings the geese lifted into the air and swooped down on the far side of the pond.                                 

a swan harrasing the egyptian geese

With sails set and determined strokes the swan was not giving up.  Soon it reached the geese who had just settled and once again he bore down with murder in mind!   The geese flew up into the air, voices raised in angry protest.  To no avail  No sooner were they settled than once again the swan bore down.

Eventually after about 10minutes of to and froing the geese gave up and with an anguished cry, spread their wings and flew off to safer waters. 

the egyptian geese finally gave up and flew off

 The swan, satisfied with intruders seen packing, he then settled his feathers and leisurely made his way to the side of the pond to feed.      

to the victor; the spoils

To the victor; the spoils.

p.s. same blog, just added the spring blooms photo

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