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time for breakfast

one of my ongoing and constant sources of delight are the squirrels in the garden! ever since I arrived at this position last year in February, I have enjoyed the goings on and antics of the squirrels, who have taken up a load of video space on my camera!  they are exceptionally funny, very greedy and quite resourceful at getting food, especially when it comes to raiding the bird-feeders.

resourceful is my middle name

I have tried every possible position available to hang the bird-feeders so that the squirrels cannot get to them; to no avail!

if I can just get this damn thing off the wall..............!

 They slide down the awning, climb the window frames, shimmy up the walls, jump from amazing distances with hilarious results until they reach their goal! 

intrepid little squirrel

A lesson could be learned from them……it’s called determination! and never taking your eye off the end results…..in this instance – food!!!

This morning was no different! I have recently started putting out peanuts along with the bird-seed and breadcrumbs on the verandah in an effort to stop the squirrels raiding the birds feeders and this seems to have quelled their lust for suet/peanut treat and the energy balls, it has also attracted a larger number than usual of the wee pesky critters and this morning there was a mad tussle and lots of jumping and squawking and hurry scurry as we had no less than 6 squirrels on the verandah; all vieing for the same treats…..the word is out!!!

early morning arrival

One of the ways I entertain myself during the very looooonnng and boring mornings of my job is to chase the squirrels!  I put the food out in a pile, wait for a few to gather and then I rattle the chain on the door, turn the keys and open the door……. 🙂 🙂 This has the effect of an electric current running through the ground and the squirrels scatter at great speed.  There are one or two of the regulars who are no longer perturbed by this and know that I am all steam and no action, so now when I go through the motions they either ignore me or run to just a few feet away, first having grabbed a mouthful, till I go back indoors and before I have even locked the door they are back….looking at me through the glass as if to say ” is that all you can manage?”. they are hilarious!

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