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the devil in this instance being advertising aka marketing aka subliminally/blatantly telling us we need to have/taste/buy something that we most likely don’t need or never thought we needed until viewing said advertisement!

As mentioned in a previous post I went to St Pancras Station last sunday to see the Halloween event that was being staged there in conjunction with Wicked and the National Woodland Trust.  And it was fun, I am so glad I went despite having missed the tour with the @TheSock Mob.

As mentioned in said post I stood in the queue to get an autograph from some members of the Wicked cast 🙂 and of course Lee Mead *big smile*, and while standing in said queue I was subjected to a billboard (one of those roll-up and pack away type billboards) that was advertising Nestle Mint Aero.  It was kinda in your face and you could not miss it if you were in said queue for over 20 minutes!! Also it was a very pretty and bright advertisement……

On my way home I suddenly developed a craving for peppermint chocolate and thereupon stopped by at the store enroute (won’t say which one since they are one of my pet hates) and bought a ……………………

Nestle Mint Aero...the one with the bubbles

Never ever let it be said that advertising doesn’t work!!!   I have bought aero before – however, never a mint aero since I am a bit picky about peppermint and chocolate and like the South African version of Peppermint Crisp.

just look at all that delicious peppermint wrapped in a creamy coating of chocolate 🙂 mmmm

 (invented by Wilson-Rowntree in case you wondered but now produced by Nestle in RSA) and now my mouth is watering and drooling at the edges 🙂

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