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Autumn 2010 in London

Autumn 2010 has been one of those amazingly beautiful seasons that we get here in the UK,

crispy autumn days

 a delicious surprise of vibrant colours, and sublimely crispy days….the sun beating down and warming you up as you briskly ‘take the air’ (a new expression I learned last week 🙂 ).
Autumn has always been my favourite season, the colours are splendid and the days crispy and beautiful, especially on a clear day and I love to kick my feet through a pile of crackling, crispy leaves, to throw a handful into the air and watch them floating down.  There is something about the crackle and crunch of autumn leaves underfoot that thrills me, ankle deep drifts of leaves blown into piles by the wind, a veritable patchwork of colour; pleasing on the eye!

drifts of autumn leaves

2010 has been unusual in that the colours were far more pronounced than usual and we have been treated to a magnificent display;

autumn colours

 a palette of red, purple, orange, yellow, russet, brown, and yellow

autumn colours

all offset by the ever present green of trees that never lose their colour and the psychedelic splash of bright green grass,

psychedelic green grass and bright yellow trees

 particularly noticable in the parks of London…of which there are many!
The reason behind this fabulous display this year is the long spring drought and the wet, cool late summer that followed; combining to produce an outstanding autumn display, a sunburst of gold,

sunburst of yellow

 a towering pillar of fiery red,

fiery red

 the flickering flames of yellow and orange tinged with red

flickering flames of red and yellow

 …….remarkable colours that have combined to produce an outstanding display of rich, deep colours.
I have tried to capture as many of these as possible, but as lovely as some of the photos are, they simply do not do justice to the colours of autumn!

this is one of my all time favourites - the viaduct bridge and duck pond on Hampstead Heath

and sunset on a glorious autumn day

16;20 sunset on the heath; mist on the fishing pond

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