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Monday brought a visit to Hampstead to meet with a potential Business Coach for 3 Days in London:

a school in Hampstead - reminds me of a school i went to in South Africa...a million years ago!

my kinda house. Hampstead is filled with delightful houses

and a visit to starbucks for the 1st 'gingerbread latte' of the winter season

Tuesday a walk to the village and I found these discarded pumpkins looking sad and lonely, waiting for the trashman

Wednesday and a walk on the Heath is in order. a dark wintery day didnt deter from the beauty of one of my favourite places

the fishing pond on Hampstead Heath... a favourite spot (much photographed)

Thursday was a wet and rainy day, and I got to walk through Waterlow Park on my way home from the village, the beauty of the foliage is much to be admired

the beauty of this particular spot catches my breath every time I walk by (this too has been photographed many times)

the pond looked suitably dark and mysterious

Friday I had the afternoon free so headed into my favourite part of London….the Square Mile

Guildhall, from whence the Lord Mayor starts his historic journey

the interior of Guildhall. the features are fabulous and it was awesome to walk in the footsteps of history.....

X marks the spot.....beneath this very unpreposessing looking slab, 20 feet below the surface lie the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre..which I visited of course

then a visit to another Wren church

St Lawrence Jewry - a Wren Church

and Saturday brought a visit to Keats House

the house where John Keats (poet) lived before he left for Rome where he died of TB at the age of 25

the chaise lounge in his parlour, Keats used to sit here and enjoy the view and write his poems

a fascinating discovery on the way home...a house in Hampstead

Sunday I stayed in πŸ™‚

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