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Today’s blog was intended to be a light-hearted look at the Chinese New Year and a little bit about one of my photos appearing in a book by Alison Weir ‘The Lost Tudor Princess’, but then I got to watching The Wright Stuff….urgh….

How ludicrous that sounds; Benefits Britain. If there is one subject that is bound to increase my ire by levels unbounded it’s the question of ‘Benefits’.  As a South African I had never experienced the idea of ‘benefits’ from the government of the country. We grew up being taught the value of working hard in school, getting good marks, looking for a good job when you graduated, then working hard at our chosen career, paying taxes and paying monthly into an unemployment insurance fund…a fund that gave you 6 months of income should you fall ill, have a baby or become incapacitated by an accident. Only 6 months!! Not for the rest of your life!  You had to have proof of why you needed the money (even though you had paid it in yourself for however many years) – like a letter from your Doctor to say you had, had a baby, or were too ill to work. For the first 2 months you got a payout commensurate with your last income, over the next few months the level of payment went down to 50%, 40%, 30% and then the final stipend ended with however much you had left in the pot……the point here is that each individual who worked HAD to pay into this, it wasn’t optional, it was mandatory, and you only got out WHAT YOU HAD PAID IN!!!! You didn’t get a lifetime of handouts from the government. You had to have medical insurance that you paid for and savings for those rainy days.

And yes, lets call these so called ‘benefits’ by what they really are…handouts!

Now I know for sure that the chests of many British people will heave with indignation when I say this, but hello??? Why are people who have never done a day’s work in their lives getting ‘benefits’ anyway? What right do they have to receive a monthly payout from the government when they have done nothing to earn it?

And before you go getting all puffed up, lets stop for a second….I understand perfectly the reasoning behind the government supporting people who are disabled from birth, or someone who is incapacitated by an unavoidable disease or illness or the elderly, or someone injured protecting the country, but I do not and cannot, even after living here for 15 years, quite get my head around how it is that people who have never held a job in their lives and have no plans to, who have multiple babies get a monthly handout for each kid, and not only that, but they also get to demand a council house…and when there are too many kids to fit into that house they then demand a bigger one. Stop breeding for goodness sake. Contraception is readily available on your FREE National Health Service, it’s the 21st century, we all know where babies come from!!

And as for getting money for being out or work??? Seriously?? In all my 30 years of working in South Africa whenever I was retrenched or lost my job for whatever reason, I had to fall back on my savings to support myself and pay the rent…I didn’t get money from the government. I had to get out and look for another job or the rent/mortgage didn’t get paid. The number of ‘benefits’ levels is astounding. I won’t even go into those because the number of reasons you can claim benefits is unbelievable.

This morning on The Wright Stuff, the main topic of discussion was people who earned £30k per month, and who had subsidised rent in council houses….subsidised by my taxes!!! I truly object. I work extremely hard doing a job that many British people would consider beneath them (and I know this to be true because my job description has been met with expressions of horror in the past with an ‘I would never do that!!’ and to be fair, for balance, I have also been met with ‘that’s an amazing thing to do’), I earn below the minimum wage and put up with a lot of shit in many instances from people who think that because I’m from one of the old ‘colonies’ I’m uneducated and unable to find a proper job, who are disparaging, condescending, and rude and treat me (and other Carers) with disdain. And I pay my taxes….I pay more than bloody Google, Amazon or Starbucks amongst many others who pay 4% taxes on profit, or the super wealthy who move their money to offshore accounts to avoid paying tax. I pay 20% tax on my ‘profits’…..why? because I’m self-employed my whole salary except for the threshold are considered to be profits, and I work for my living AND more importantly I pay my own rent…I don’t get a handout from the government

My accommodation consists of a mattress on the floor of my daughter’s spare room. A room filled with boxes because I have nowhere to put the stuff in them…ergo, I can’t afford my own home! I can’t afford the rental on a place of my own. How else can I say that? and yet, there are people in the UK who are earning a good £10k+ more than me who get their rent subsidised by MY taxes! How is that fair? It’s bloody ludicrous.

Frankly I think the whole idea of the benefits system needs a major overhaul, and yes I agree that the large corporations like those mentioned above should pay wayyyyy more tax than they do in the UK. But that is another issue altogether that seriously needs to be addressed. Tax avoidance.

However, back to the subsidised rents of council house tenants who earn £30k+, why is this happening? Why are they not, like thousands of others, paying market price rentals? I would much rather my taxes are spent on increasing the salaries of Junior Doctors, increasing the wages of Nurses (who I might add do a dreadfully stressful job), or paying our Police a better wage and employing more instead of retrenching more and more, or spent on training more teachers, mental health service practitioners, or spend it on the infrastructure of the country, like better flood defences, or the RNLI – services that each year are stretched to the limit. It’s bad enough that ‘benefits’ are paid out to families who through decades of getting handouts on the dole believe it’s now their right to get money from the government without any prior contribution, but to subsidise council house rents for people who are earning not only more than I do and I warrant many others, but get their rent paid off the back of my hard work.

I object!! It’s not only day-light robbery, it’s downright disgraceful.

As for tax-avoidance….don’t even get me started on that subject!!!

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It was with total dismay and incomprehension that I watched the events of yesterdays ‘Student Protest’ unfold.   In fact, any of the recent demonstrations that have turned violent! I love this country and I have an overwhelming passion for London, and it fills me with disbelief and dismay that I live in a country with people that behave like that!

I am all for the democratic process, the freedom of speech, the priviledge of being able to voice my opinion – by ‘peaceful’ demonstration, to protest in a ‘peaceful’manner and I agree to a point with the view that the University fees have jumped alarmingly.

However, what I do not agree with is the events that unfolded during the protest march yesterday. It amazes me that in what is classed as a 1st world country, that people who have the benefit of a full-on education go on to behave in such an appalling manner. It would seem that education doesn’t remove the thug-mentality and that there are as usual the small minority of people who will go ahead and destroy…. just because! There was no reason for what they did.

And of course….lets blame the Police once again why don’t we!!!! Let’s blame everyone else and not take responsibility for our own actions!! I see absolutely no reason on earth why the police should have had to have a stronger presence in the area. It was meant to be a peaceful demonstration by students who are in University! Therefore one would expect that they have the intelligence and maturity to make their voices heard in a manner befitting a university education, a manner befitting a 1st world country.

So now folks will be up in arms and blame the police for what happened yesterday. Take responsibility for your own actions you morons!!   Many citizens of this country and other western countries are so quick to blame, blame, blame and seldom accept responsibility for their own actions and the consequences thereof.    “Oh! It’s the fault of the police for not having a stronger presence in the area!”. RUBBISH!!!!! It’s the fault of the thugs who smashed the place up! I truly wish that they are severly punished for their actions!! They do not deserve the priviledges that they get in this country.

What will probably happen is that their parents will rush off to the nearest ‘Compensation’ lawyers (if those ****** don’t get there first) and claim compensation for their little thugs getting arrested blah blah blah!! And then we will have the ‘human-rights’ activists putting in their pennies worth!

Yes, the fees are high and yes! I agree that it is quite unfair that foreign students get lowered fees while the students of tax-payers in this country have to pay more, but that does not justify the actions of what happened yesterday.    Firstly those thugs should be severely punished, they should be made to perform commmunity service and make reparation for their actions, then they should be banned from University for the total number of years that it takes to repay the damage they have caused.

Of course in reality what will happen is that their parents will be up in arms! You can’t do that to my precious little moronic thug! You can’t blame them for being angry! You have to let them carry on and voice their anger…poor little poppets! Only doing what they think is fair. While hey!!! The rest of us tax-payers who work sometimes 7 days a week to pay for our own education or pay our way in this life, get to foot the bill. Once again!

So, go ahead and blame the Government, after all that’s what they are there for….to act as scape-goats for your little tantrums.

Perhaps, you should take a look at your life, perhaps your parents should shoulder some of the blame. After all they did not put enough money aside to pay for your education…… It never ceases to amaze me that the “holiday, happy meals, fag and booze” brigade never stop for one moment to think about how the money they waste on rubbish each month could go towards the education of their children. Parents are responsible for educating their children. Not the government! 

The government provides the venues and the teachers so that parents can send the kids to school, it’s the responsibility of the parents to make sure they have enough money to pay for it.

And then of course we have the people who have half-a dozen kids and then complain there is never enough money. Well stop breeding like rabbits and consider what you can afford….without claiming ‘benefits’ from the Government.    Benefits that people like me and other hard-working people pay for through our taxes so that you can sit at home on your backside!

And please don’t get me started on the benefits payouts. I have never in my life heard of such nonsense. Benefits!!!!!! Education is a priviledge. A priviledge millions of children never ever have. They are made to work from the day the are old enough to stand on their own two feet, they don’t have access to schools, and books and libraries and hand-outs from the government to pay for their education. They would never get an education at all on the whole except for the charities that step in and provide the means for the ‘lucky’ ones. Education is not to be squandered! 

In this country we have amazing facilities for education and yet it is squandered on the mentality of ‘gimme gimme gimme’ or ‘I want want want’!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. But then again of course you wouldnt be!!! after all it is the fault of the Government! And while you are whinging and blaming and finding fault with everything around you, pause for a moment and realise how lucky you are (yes, lucky!!!) to live in a country where your actions are not met with your execution, a country where your parents are not tossed into gaol for your actions and where you actually get to live…..even after you have gratuiously destroyed property that doesn’t belong to you.

I watched the ‘Wright Stuff’ on Five this morning, and the phone-ins say that it’s coz people are angry, angry that the Lib Dems ie Nick Clegg has gone back on his election promises re capping the fees!! Ok, fine be angry and voice your opinion, that still does not give you the right to smash the place up and then when you are restrained by the police to then blame them, whilst other people blame them for not having a stronger presence in the area. Either way they don’t win!!

If you justify what happened yesterday as ‘ok’ coz people are angry – then you go on to justify wife-beating coz hubby is angry, or ‘child-abuse’ coz daddy is angry, or smashing into another’s car coz they cut in front of you, or beating a person up coz they are the wrong skin colour, or religion, or sexual persuasion, or any other kind of anger that people use an excuse for their actions.

Anger is an emotion and not a right!!!

I am angry….very angry; angry that I have to pay higher taxes coz I work harder and longer hours to make my way in this world and pay for the things I want….like an education, and then people like those thugs that smashed the place up yesterday get to walk away and my taxes, my hard-earned taxes go to pay for the repairs!!!!   So, now tell me….is that then an excuse to go to their homes and smash the place up and vent my anger?   I shelled out £50,000 in 2007 and 2008 to pay for my education and now I work 7days a week 50 weeks a year to pay for it. Education is a priviledge to be paid for, it is not a god-given right.

Democracy gives you the opportunity and the ‘right’ to voice your opinion, it does not give you the ‘right’ to smash things up.

And while you are whinging about the Government and spouting all your ‘poor me’ complaints, kindly remember that today is the day that millions of people are remembered, people who gave up their lives during the last 2 world wars and people that today continue to give their lives – to give you a future in a democratic country!!!

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