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It was with total dismay and incomprehension that I watched the events of yesterdays ‘Student Protest’ unfold.   In fact, any of the recent demonstrations that have turned violent! I love this country and I have an overwhelming passion for London, and it fills me with disbelief and dismay that I live in a country with people that behave like that!

I am all for the democratic process, the freedom of speech, the priviledge of being able to voice my opinion – by ‘peaceful’ demonstration, to protest in a ‘peaceful’manner and I agree to a point with the view that the University fees have jumped alarmingly.

However, what I do not agree with is the events that unfolded during the protest march yesterday. It amazes me that in what is classed as a 1st world country, that people who have the benefit of a full-on education go on to behave in such an appalling manner. It would seem that education doesn’t remove the thug-mentality and that there are as usual the small minority of people who will go ahead and destroy…. just because! There was no reason for what they did.

And of course….lets blame the Police once again why don’t we!!!! Let’s blame everyone else and not take responsibility for our own actions!! I see absolutely no reason on earth why the police should have had to have a stronger presence in the area. It was meant to be a peaceful demonstration by students who are in University! Therefore one would expect that they have the intelligence and maturity to make their voices heard in a manner befitting a university education, a manner befitting a 1st world country.

So now folks will be up in arms and blame the police for what happened yesterday. Take responsibility for your own actions you morons!!   Many citizens of this country and other western countries are so quick to blame, blame, blame and seldom accept responsibility for their own actions and the consequences thereof.    “Oh! It’s the fault of the police for not having a stronger presence in the area!”. RUBBISH!!!!! It’s the fault of the thugs who smashed the place up! I truly wish that they are severly punished for their actions!! They do not deserve the priviledges that they get in this country.

What will probably happen is that their parents will rush off to the nearest ‘Compensation’ lawyers (if those ****** don’t get there first) and claim compensation for their little thugs getting arrested blah blah blah!! And then we will have the ‘human-rights’ activists putting in their pennies worth!

Yes, the fees are high and yes! I agree that it is quite unfair that foreign students get lowered fees while the students of tax-payers in this country have to pay more, but that does not justify the actions of what happened yesterday.    Firstly those thugs should be severely punished, they should be made to perform commmunity service and make reparation for their actions, then they should be banned from University for the total number of years that it takes to repay the damage they have caused.

Of course in reality what will happen is that their parents will be up in arms! You can’t do that to my precious little moronic thug! You can’t blame them for being angry! You have to let them carry on and voice their anger…poor little poppets! Only doing what they think is fair. While hey!!! The rest of us tax-payers who work sometimes 7 days a week to pay for our own education or pay our way in this life, get to foot the bill. Once again!

So, go ahead and blame the Government, after all that’s what they are there for….to act as scape-goats for your little tantrums.

Perhaps, you should take a look at your life, perhaps your parents should shoulder some of the blame. After all they did not put enough money aside to pay for your education…… It never ceases to amaze me that the “holiday, happy meals, fag and booze” brigade never stop for one moment to think about how the money they waste on rubbish each month could go towards the education of their children. Parents are responsible for educating their children. Not the government! 

The government provides the venues and the teachers so that parents can send the kids to school, it’s the responsibility of the parents to make sure they have enough money to pay for it.

And then of course we have the people who have half-a dozen kids and then complain there is never enough money. Well stop breeding like rabbits and consider what you can afford….without claiming ‘benefits’ from the Government.    Benefits that people like me and other hard-working people pay for through our taxes so that you can sit at home on your backside!

And please don’t get me started on the benefits payouts. I have never in my life heard of such nonsense. Benefits!!!!!! Education is a priviledge. A priviledge millions of children never ever have. They are made to work from the day the are old enough to stand on their own two feet, they don’t have access to schools, and books and libraries and hand-outs from the government to pay for their education. They would never get an education at all on the whole except for the charities that step in and provide the means for the ‘lucky’ ones. Education is not to be squandered! 

In this country we have amazing facilities for education and yet it is squandered on the mentality of ‘gimme gimme gimme’ or ‘I want want want’!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves. But then again of course you wouldnt be!!! after all it is the fault of the Government! And while you are whinging and blaming and finding fault with everything around you, pause for a moment and realise how lucky you are (yes, lucky!!!) to live in a country where your actions are not met with your execution, a country where your parents are not tossed into gaol for your actions and where you actually get to live…..even after you have gratuiously destroyed property that doesn’t belong to you.

I watched the ‘Wright Stuff’ on Five this morning, and the phone-ins say that it’s coz people are angry, angry that the Lib Dems ie Nick Clegg has gone back on his election promises re capping the fees!! Ok, fine be angry and voice your opinion, that still does not give you the right to smash the place up and then when you are restrained by the police to then blame them, whilst other people blame them for not having a stronger presence in the area. Either way they don’t win!!

If you justify what happened yesterday as ‘ok’ coz people are angry – then you go on to justify wife-beating coz hubby is angry, or ‘child-abuse’ coz daddy is angry, or smashing into another’s car coz they cut in front of you, or beating a person up coz they are the wrong skin colour, or religion, or sexual persuasion, or any other kind of anger that people use an excuse for their actions.

Anger is an emotion and not a right!!!

I am angry….very angry; angry that I have to pay higher taxes coz I work harder and longer hours to make my way in this world and pay for the things I want….like an education, and then people like those thugs that smashed the place up yesterday get to walk away and my taxes, my hard-earned taxes go to pay for the repairs!!!!   So, now tell me….is that then an excuse to go to their homes and smash the place up and vent my anger?   I shelled out £50,000 in 2007 and 2008 to pay for my education and now I work 7days a week 50 weeks a year to pay for it. Education is a priviledge to be paid for, it is not a god-given right.

Democracy gives you the opportunity and the ‘right’ to voice your opinion, it does not give you the ‘right’ to smash things up.

And while you are whinging about the Government and spouting all your ‘poor me’ complaints, kindly remember that today is the day that millions of people are remembered, people who gave up their lives during the last 2 world wars and people that today continue to give their lives – to give you a future in a democratic country!!!

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I am watching a programme on TV at the moment about ‘Bride stealing’ in Chechnya.  It seems that this has become a regular occurance in the country and is now becoming part of the law and working it’s way into tradition.

What happens is that a boy sees a girl he fancies, he then arranges with a family member to help him steal her.  The girl has absolutely no say in this matter, is often taken against her will (there are girls who are ok with this), then forced into marrying the boy.  Sometimes if she is ‘lucky’ the boy is a distant family member and life would not be too bad for her, she may even be lucky enough to ‘get on’ with her Mother-in-law.

Once she is ‘married’ she becomes his ‘property’ and he is pretty much able to treat her as he wishes.  Sometimes the boy’s family will ask the girls family in the presence of an Elder of the Islamic authority. He, the Elder, is the person who conducts the ‘wedding’ and he dictates how she should be dressed and pretty much everything else about the proceedings.

The women of the country shrug their shoulders and say “that is the way things are, it’s not too bad.”  Even her parents do not have any say about the matter and just wish her well.  There was a whole lot more to the programme and that would take too long to explain.

So, here’s the thing….I will always be grateful that I was born into a culture and country where women do have a say in their lives, where we can say ‘No!’ if something is not to our liking and where we have the freedom to make choices.

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