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3 weeks ago, 21 days seemed interminable…and yet suddenly here we are, but with the possibility of another 2 or 3 weeks, I’m certain there are a lot of very unhappy people.

Like I said before, my life is no different to what is my normal in my job, so lucky me, this hasn’t been difficult and I’m still being paid.

Well no more difficult than ‘normal’ when you’re looking after an elderly person with various physical issues and dementia. Its emotionally and mentally draining and I always leave the latest assignment absolutely drained. So far, except for the first 5 days of living hell, the current position hasn’t been too bad.

I didn’t go out at all over the weekend, took the government’s request to stay home seriously and didn’t leave the house since last week, except for a brief walk on Friday night. I stepped out into the courtyard this evening to empty the dehumidifier and it was so quiet and so cool that I decided to take a quick walk to the top of the hill …. I’m so glad I did. Although it was already 8.30pm and getting dark, there were enough street lights to guide me. Perfect weather for walking; cool with a stiff breeze. The sky was absolutely clear and I could see Venus, and caught the tail end of a lovely sunset.

It cleared my head and left me feeling invigorated.

On the news….a possible 3 weeks extra lockdown!!! This virus has really taken a toll and its heart rending to hear of people’s stories, about loved ones lost. I personally feel obligated to hear them out…although I know it’s not, but its so terribly sad and the circumstances are awful. Thank God my friend has recovered and is now home with his wife and daughter. They missed their 30th wedding anniversary while he was in hospital, but thankfully they will get to celebrate many more. ❤❤

I’ve been in touch with my long-standing friend in America and thankful that they’re all well, although living far apart from her 3 sons and 2 granddaughters, they too keep in touch via facetime. I’m not always a fan of technology, but this is one time its certainly come into its own.

Of course the conspiracy theories are flying left right and centre and since I’m a closet conspiracy theorist 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve shared a few articles and boom….Facebook have rapped me on the knuckles!!! 😱😱😱😮😮 They’ve really stepped up their fact checking and actually I don’t mind their little ‘naughty girl’ messages coz it doesn’t help to share stuff that’s not true or accurate…that’s what caused Brexit here and an orange swamp thing risen to become President of the US… so yeah, I deleted the two offending articles and will henceforth only share newspaper articles by bonafide rags 😉

One of the best things to come out of this pandemic is clear skies…I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the images of Delhi, and Los Angeles to name but two major cities, but wowwww, the drop in pollution is extraordinary. Nature is getting a chance to breathe. Sadly of course, once we’re out of lockdown, its going to be ‘business as usual’ and we humans are going to continue polluting and destroying our home. I know there’s a huge determination by people to try and change things so we don’t go ‘back to normal’ but it’s not enough. Big business and corporations have made us slaves to technology. There are a minuscule number of people who can or are able to self-support or even have the knowledge of how to live without the support of big business. Can you imagine the majority of westerners; British, American, European citizens suddenly rushing out and slaughtering lambs or chickens for Sunday’s roast? No, its not going to happen.

The majority are going to go straight back to where we were before and people are going to continue buying junk from China and fast-fashion produced by slaves in Bangladesh or Africa and rubbish to plaster over the void in their lives. Its a really sad state of affairs….

In other ‘news’ My walking poles are still missing in action and according to the tracking are still in Weybridge. 🤔🤔🤔 time to call in the troops. But hey, how marvellous is our postal system in the UK…we’re still getting mail delivered 👏👏👏👏

So here endeth my diary of a lockdown. I’m going to go back to my regular routine of posting willynilly 🙃🙃😜 and stop boring y’all with my meandering thoughts. Okay don’t cheer so loudly I can hear you 😂😂😂

Seriously though

Stay safe

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So I jumped from 18 to 20 and 19 didn’t get a look in 😂😂😂😂 actually I did pretty much nothing at all yesterday besides my usual on duty duties of cooking, cleaning, making the bed, washing, a bit of ironing, hoovering, dusting, tracking down a specific sponge and shouting at the tv….especially the bits where they report that Johnson is “so thankful to the NHS for saving his life” 🤮🤮🤮 Seriously. He’s going to get well, back in the saddle, and when this is over, he’ll go back to vetoing any pay rises for nurses et al and proceed to sell off the NHS….without batting an eyelid.

I also managed to get in some reading yesterday during my break and between chores…..and finished the 6th book I’ve read since lockdown…3 per week is not too bad. This morning I finished the 6th book after reading till after midnight….a real page turner: ‘Monday Mourning’ by Kathy Reich….

I tried reading one of her earlier books, Fatal Voyage, but there was just too much detail and wayyyy too many acronyms that I gave up after the first chapter and whizzed to the last 10 pages and boom…done…I got the gist of it without the gristle. This book, thankfully, was a lot less on the overload and a big improvement in enjoyability.

Reading is one of my favourite things to do and has been since I was about 4 years old. If my mother couldn’t find me, a look behind the curtains and there I’d be, lost to the world. I’ve often worked in houses where the only books are, mostly unused, recipe books, so 8ts been a real treat to find a house not only filled with 100s of books, but mostly books that I enjoy..

Some of my favourite authors live in this house.

So, since I’m here for another 2 weeks, I plan to read as many as possible.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since I arrived at this booking, and although the first 5 days were hell, the last 2 weeks have been lovely. It’s not often I agree to stay longer than 2 weeks, which is the normal length of our bookings, but of course Covid-19 made its appearance and lockdown occurred…so here I am. I’ve pretty much walked every route within reach of an hour or 1.6km and back…so now I’m staying in, albeit going a bit carazzzyyy….and reading. I have however, on a few evenings, popped out at 7.30pm while no-one was about

The weather has been amazing and really beautiful, but too hot for my liking, so staying in hasn’t been too difficult. Its given me a perfect excuse to sleep and read 🤔🤔😉

Pretty much where I’ve spent my 2 hour breaks

Actually the weather has brought to mind my Camino in 2017 (gosh nearly 3 years ago 😱😱) I remember the heat in Portugal and how it used to absolutely drain me. Although I’m not a ‘morning person’, on the Camino I used to leave before sunrise so I could escape the midday heat….worked most days.

On the Covid-19 front, I’m guessing the lockdown is going to be extended. God, the statistics are terrifying and my heart aches for the families who have lost their loved ones. I can’t even imagine how heartbreaking its been for them, and especially for the families of the NHS staff who’ve succumbed to this horrible virus. I do hope this thing is under control ASAP.

Although it doesn’t quite seem appropriate with the current situation, Happy Easter folks.

My grandson’s first Easter bunny 🐇🐇

My daughter is trying to discourage a sweet tooth do the bub doesn’t get much by way if sweets and chocolate but she conceded for Easter and got his this teeny tiny little bunny…he loved it. I’m still chatting to my grandson on a daily basis and it’s an absolute delight to see him running about the garden and the little play area his parents have made for him…he’s just loving the water play and sand pit. Hes getting to the age now where he latches onto a favourite book and insists he gets read to a dozen times a day. My daughter had to read We’re going on a Bear Hunt 30 times the other day 😜😜😂😂😂 I can’t wait to see him.

Other than that, life here has been quiet, I see and greet the locals that I see thanked the postman and the trash collectors for keeping us up to date. Lord, imagine if the trash wasn’t being collected!!! We’re very very very lucky and privileged in this country. Although we love to complain about all manner of little inconveniences, our infrastructure and services are par excellence and we really do not have much to complain about.

Oh, did you happen to see Charlie Steyt interviewing Bill Gates? Theres a lot of controversy surrounding Gates lately that has shocked me to the core….what do you think? I have to investigate further because I had no idea…..

Anyway folks, take care, stay home and please be safe….not a statistic

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