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Whoops…when I logged on tonight I realised I’d forgotten to post last night…no loss really since I didn’t really have much to say. Of course by now we all know we’re on an extra 2 weeks of lockdown, and that’s no bad thing as far as the virus goes. Not so good for small businesses and self-employed and people struggling to make ends meet. Brilliant for nature though.

Its also really encouraging to note how many people are now being respectful and observing the travel restrictions and staying at home. Of course there are still plenty of numbskulls about….

Talking of numbskulls, ut seems our esteemed PM is on the mend and moved off of ICU….frankly I’m totally angry with him. He’s shown a total lack of responsibility by shaking the hands of the Covid-19 patients back in March. Not only did he contract the virus, pass it on to others, but he got that ill that he ends up in hospital taking up a bed that could have been used for someone who accidentally contracted the virus. He deserves a bloody good slap.

As for people who need a good slap….I saw this post on the BBC Facebook page yesterday, and frankly it bloody annoyed me…


How dare they now offer ‘advice ‘ – I hope that people in Wuhan can learn to NOT eat wild animals and to stop treating animals in such an appalling way in those shocking wet markets. Stop and ban the dreadful trade in wild animals….then you can offer advice to the rest of the world.

Other links I found informational:

1. Social distancing for runners and cyclists….please take notice of this, its so important


2. How the world became quieter


3. BCG and Covid-19


All quite interesting. We all had BCG innoculations as children in South Africa and of course my grandson had his here. I wonder if its possible that having had that, we are less likely to contract the virus.

I wonder, did anyone watch the Horizon Special last night on Channel 4 about the coronavirus? Totally fascinating and terrifying. It moves so fast and transmits so easily. If I was paranoid before, I’ve upped my game even more. I’m halfway through my current assignment and I want to remain in good health so I can see my wee cherub in a few weeks time.

Gosh its been way too long….I miss him so much. Its brilliant though being able to facetime and I love that he blows me kisses when we say goodbye 🥰🥰👶🏻💙 He is the light of my life. He’s also grown so much and getting quite tall. His sign language is coming along really well too…very impressive.

My daughter had some colourful foam tiles that they put out in the courtyard for him to play on but not enough to cover the whole area, so I made contribution and she ordered another batch and now it looks amazing. Plenty of space for water play and his little sandpit.

I haven’t done much walking the last couple of days. With the warmer weather more people are out and about, so I’ve stayed in and read or watched TV or snoozed. I have though gone out for a short walk at about 7.30pm and invariably only see 1 or 2 people. Usually dog walkers.

Last night’s sunset was just beautiful and tonight I walked a slightly different route and gazed across fields so green they’re almost fluorescent.

Reminds me of the Camino

So that’s it really. We did the Thursday night clap for carers and its brilliant that this has been kept up. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard and exhausting it must be for them all, and how tragic their losses amongst the staff. This virus really is a game changer……

All the best folks and happy Easter

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