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I realise that we all need to buy clothes at some time or another, but I am not a clothes shopper. For me clothes are a means to cover my body. If perchance I look good at the same time, then that’s a bonus.

I’ve never enjoyed shopping for clothes. If I can walk into a store, pick up a top or pair of trousers, pay for them, take them home and wear them – that would be my ideal scenario. But it’s not always that easy. Generally you have to search through the shelves or rails, find something that you actually like, take them to a changing room, take off the current outfit, struggle with loops of ribbon hooked over the hangers to keep the item on the hanger, slip the potential outfit on…only to find that a) it’s too short b) it’s too narrow c) it’s too tight (seldom too loose LOL) or d) I suddenly don’t like the pattern -actually I loathe patterns…especially flowers or stripes. I’m a plain and simple kinda girl….one colour, no patterns, no fancy necklines, 3/4 sleeves, fit across the shoulders blah blah blah

If I go clothes shopping it’s out of desperation…..e.g. tonight I’m going to a friends wedding. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING in my current ‘wardrobe’ that’s suitable for a wedding. Ironically, a year ago ago I ripped through my suitcases and sent a massive pile of clothes to charity. Yes, you guessed…within the pile were clothes suitable for a winter wedding!!! LOL The story of my life

Other than that, whenever I venture into a store to look at and possibly buy new clothes it’s because whatever I’m wearing either has holes in the seat, the zip has come apart, the hems have fallen out (I never sew up hems), or the seams are slowly coming apart thread by thread.

Mostly I buy my clothes from a charity shop (one of the things I love about the UK are the charity shops). This works so well for me. Walk in, aim for the trousers rack, check for my size, colour black, cost £3 or £5, pay for them, take them home, try them on…..if they fit I keep them, if they don’t I take them back and donate them to charity hahaha. Mostly they fit…occasionally I buy something that looks great, I love it but never get to wear it and a year or 5 later I donate it to charity.

So today, I decided to go shopping. I was in need of new bras anyway, so this seemed like a good time to get the dastardly deed over with. Besides which I had a £10 M&S voucher I wanted to use. Thankfully my daughter elected to come with me or I would have fallen at the first bar. Off we went….

Walk into the store, first rail = perfect top…loved it. Right colour, a few sparklies for the evening, and just perfect…..till I tried it on. Urgh. The shoulders were peaky!!!

Trousers next…grabbed the first pair that weren’t black (just for a change). Except I grabbed a ‘short’ leg. hahahaha OMG my face when I put them on. They fit perfectly round the leg and waist, but sat above my ankles.  Like I said, thankfully my daughter was there. If not, I would have put my clothes back on and left.

But she volunteered to go look for more tops that I could try and long leg trousers. By the time she returned I was chomping at the bit. But I humoured her and tried them on…one by one they went on and came off even quicker…and the ‘no go’ pile grew and grew. But to my surprise there was one top she brought…one with flowers on that I took one look at and mentally said “no way!!!” But I tried it on and hmmmm okay not too bad. On the ‘to buy’ pile.

Then finally, with the little short tops I saw and really liked, in the style I love, 3 different colours, off we went to the tills….and did I have the voucher with me? No! hahaha I remember clearly removing all the receipts from the last few days from my purse and lo and behold the voucher that I have kept safe and sound for the last 4 months was amongst the receipts.


shopping for clothes

my final selection

Oh well….another excuse to go shopping #not!!!

Another day then……and don’t get me started about shoes. The only time I buy a new pair is when water starts to seep through the holes in my soles!!

So this is what I’m wearing to the wedding…with the addition of my scarf from Paris and a long black jacket I bought about 11 years ago

shopping for clothes

the final cut….

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