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UPS lost my life

*update* 17/12/2016 – STILL NO HARD-DRIVE. So after re-opening the case, UPS subsequently wrote to me to say that they had not managed to find my parcel. A sad little letter that really says nothing at all.  I have written to them again; last week to be exact, and this time they haven;t even bothered to reply. Nice one UPS, typical large corporation arrogance. Frankly I don’t think they give a shit, mine is just one of thousands of parcels they they lose each year by looks of the comments on their Facebook page. No positive reviews, just anger and frustration at the lack of response or interest.

My original letter to UPS: Okay so in desperation and total frustration I have written to 4 UPS executives in America in the hope that they will get the UK to re-open their investigation into my lost parcel.

“Dear Mr …..,

I am writing to you in desperation and with the hope that you will be able to help me recover my hard-drive; a hard-drive that contains much of my life from the past 10 years…so to speak.
A few weeks ago I had a very unfortunate mishap with my hard-drive and after discussion with my computer guy we researched and found a company in the UK that does data-recovery.
The company R3 arranged with UPS in the UK to collect my hard-drive and ship from London to Sheffield. En-route it has disappeared? The company lodged an enquiry with the UPS depot and after a few days they replied to say it could not be found.
Now I have no idea how this is even possible, since parcels don’t just up and walk off on their own, but after UPS has declined to reopen the case, I have decided to appeal to yourself and ask you to please contact the UPS depot in the UK and ask them to find my parcel.
On this little piece of technology are all my photos of my travels for the last 10 years, the events I have been to and family occasions. As well as the photos, are hundreds of documents and a book I am writing as well as all my budgets and personal information going back years.
I was using the hard-drive as a back-up rather than storing them on my computer because in the past my computer crashed and I had to spend a lot of money to recover the data. Unfortunately I have not been in a position to pay for a ‘cloud’ storage facility and although I had taken all necessary precautions by keeping the hard-drive in a zip-up case designed to keep the hard-drive safe in the event it gets knocked, unfortunately this did not work.
I have attached a document showing the time-line of this missing consignment and hope that you are able to arrange for this investigation to be reopened. The photos are invaluable. Most of the places I have been to have been in the line of duty while working…..I cannot afford to go back to these places, or to one-off events that will never happen again…like The Queen’s 90th birthday. The documentation as you can imagine is also vitally important to me…..I am devastated that UPS has lost my parcel.
As I explained to your UPS agent here in the UK, I worked for 4 courier companies in the past and I know that parcels don’t just get up and disappear…..Please would you consider helping me with this.
In the event you are unable to open the document; here is the time-line
The UPS parcel was initially marked as collection on the 5th of October, due to arrive with ourselves on the 6th of October.
I raised an investigation on the 7th with UPS as the parcel hadn’t received an update since being scanned on the 5th.
I confirmed with yourself about the description and the investigation was officially opened with UPS.
I chased an update however UPS were unable to provide one until the 8th working day of the investigation had been completed.
On the 19th of October, UPS contacted myself with the following email;
Dear Customer,
I am sending you this e-mail as the investigation for the package under the tracking number ……………… has reached 8 days.
Usually our investigations take up to 8 business days, however, in this case we will need more time to conclude this investigation.
I apologize for any cause of inconvenience.
Once the investigation is over we will inform you of the outcome.
On the 26th, it was confirmed that the investigation had completed unsuccessfully and that the parcel could not be found.
Mr ……, I am appealing to you to please follow this through and find my hard-drive. I have offered to travel to the Dartford depot myself to look for this but your Agent didn’t reply to that.
I look forward to your reply.
Cindy A Eve”

Dear anyone out there who knows someone who works for UPS…would you kindly consider alerting them to the fact that they have lost my hard-drive, and to re-open the case and find it.

Thank you

17:08 Update. To my great surprise I received an email reply from America. It appears they are going to reopen the case and try to track the parcel down. Hold thumbs please everyone

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