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I had a bit of a computer detox last week (in fact I didn’t open my computer for 9 days! – something of a record) and spent all my free time reading. I enjoyed both books tremendously.book review
1) recommended to me by one of my instagram connections… ‘The Gunner Girl’ by Clare Harvey – this story caught my attention in the very first sentence and kept me turning the pages, at times breathless with anticipation of which way the story was going to go. Set during the Second WW it follows the lives of 3 girls from very different backgrounds, thrown together by the war, the story twists and turns, at times happy, at others heartbreaking , the descriptions made me feel like I was right there with them…I could almost smell the air and hear the sounds of London during The Blitz. If I hadn’t needed to sleep and work, I would have read through the night till the last page. The story made me both laugh and cry and wail in despair…..sometimes life is just so bloody unfair.  Overall it was a wonderful read, ending too soon for me.

2) ‘Beneath the Bleeding’ by Val McDermid – one of my favourite authors, Val never disappoints and this book was no different, especially as I’m partial to our man Dr Tony Hill (of Wire in the Blood fame played by Robson Green). A thoroughly good murder mystery story line, I read till the wee hours and every spare minute during the day…a real page turner.

Prior to these two, just 3 weeks ago I read another two books… ‘Little Beach Street Bakery’ by Jenny Colgan and ‘Standing in another Man’s Grave’ by Ian Rankin.  The first book by Jenny Colgan was a first foray into this author’s writing, and what a delightful book it was. After finishing the book I felt like I wanted to jump on the first train to Cornwall and open a bakery on a small island…..not that I want to give away the story-line LOL.  It was delightful – again, one of those books that makes you laugh and cry and wail with despair. As with Val McDermid, Ian Rankin is an old favourite and I have read many of his books; his central character John Rebus is well-known to me….metaphorically speaking.book review

In my younger days (aeons ago) I used to read vociferously. Even as a very young girl, if my mother was looking for me, she would look no further than a corner in my room or behind a curtain. I remember reading a wide variety of books, mimicking my Mother’s favourite leisure activity…reading. In fact she was in the middle of a book; King Solomon’s Mines when she died…..I finished off the book some years later.  When reading I would be transported, my ears mysteriously filled with cotton wool, so absorbed would I be in the story.  I have been known to read through the night just to finish a book.  I also used to drive my Mother to distraction because sometimes I became so impatient to ‘know’ what happened that I would read the last page….LOL. But then I could just sit back and relax and enjoy the story.  At school I earned many a nickname, not all complimentary, because of my love of books.

The last few years have seen me busy online building my website and totally absorbed with social media…and precious little reading.  I’m glad I’ve taken some time out to get back into the life between the pages of a book.

When my daughter was a wee girl I would read to her at night before she went to sleep…oh wait….it was me who fell asleep!! hahaha. A firm favourite was ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton. I can’t tell you how often she would wake me up during our good night ritual.  She learned to read pretty quick….I wonder why!! And still today, she will be transported to other worlds by the magic of a book and  I still fall asleep when reading out loud. 🙂 Some things never change.


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