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Last weekend on one of my breaks I had the use of the car…..since I’m working tantalisingly near to Hampton Court Palace, I simply had to visit. It really is my absolute favourite palace in London and despite having visited dozens of times in the last 5 years, I never get tired of another.

IMAG2097 - hcp 2016

how can you fail to be impressed

It gives me a thrill to walk through the halls and along passageways where people like Wolsey, Cromwell, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I, George I to name but a few of history’s famous and notorious characters walked centuries before.

IMAG2176 - hcp 2016

in the footsteps of history…

IMAG2099 - hcp 2016

the first thing you see as you enter through the main gate

IMAG2104 - hcp 2016

Base Court

IMAG2113 - hcp 2016

the magnificent ceiling above The Queen’s Staircase

IMAG2120 - hcp 2016

Yeoman Warders uniforms

IMAG2122 - hcp 2016

fine dining with the Georgians

IMAG2127 - hcp 2016

exquisite fashions of the Georgians

IMAG2134 - hcp 2016

the ceiling of Queen Caroline’s State Bedchamber

IMAG2157 - hcp 2016

Fountain Court; the Tudor Palace peeks above the Georgian Palace built by Christopher Wren

IMAG2179 - hcp 2016

The Moat. I remember a couple of years ago when we had those terrible floods, the moat was full of water. It looked quite amazing actually.

Hampton Court Palace is a treasure house.

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