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A few weeks ago my daughter, who has recently joined a meet-up group called U-Dare, told me she had signed up to go skydiving!! Wow, fantastic.  Thats something I have yet to do, it is on the very long list of adventure sports I have yet to try….like zip-lining (really want to do that!) and white-water rafting.  I’ve been paragliding (we both went back in South Africa when CJ was about 15), wev’e been abseiling, I’ve been para-sailing (in the Bahamas about 7 years ago), caving (in my teens), and all sorts of other stuff, so when she told me she was going skydiving in Spain, I was way envious.

skydiving in Spain (this is not her obviously) 🙂 pic from http://www.emocionday.com/en/skydive-spain

The days rushed by and before we knew it the time had come for her to leave and in a flurry of packing and sorting she left on Thursday night with the group.  Much bubbling excitement and texts in CAPITAL letters!!! her excitement was palpable.   I was trepiditious to say the least, not that I was worried about the skydiving but at the back of my mind was the knowledge that she suffers from recurring blackouts.  We had not discussed this and I managed to push it firmly to the back of my mind….. until the time came for her to go up!

She had a safe flight to Spain and I got a considerate text to say the the first landing had gone well and they were in Spain.  Great, enjoy!  So yesterday morning (the day of the jump) I get a very early morning text to say: ‘yay! we’re on our way!’ and then ‘we’re here, cant wait I’m so EXCITED!!!’ and then….like a punch to the chest…. ‘Buga, cant do it if I don’t have a Doctors note to say it’s ok coz of the blackouts’ – what should I do?”  Uhmm, your’e asking me?  It’s your call honey.  So after many texts and a hurried conversation, she decided to go for it anyway.  Hmmm, the mommy side of me was screaming…don’t do it!! the Cindy side of me was like – go for it!.  So she did! eeekk.

Making a decision to just do it, she signed on the dotted line and got ready to go.  By now I was a trembling mess of nerves; shaking from head to toe I remonstarted again to PLEASE text me IMMEDIATELY you get down….but hey! have a fabulous time and enjoy.  God, my nerves were shattered, but I didn’t want to be a dash of cold water on what was meant to be a fun weekend, albeit that every fibre of my being was wanting to say don’t go!!

Then I got a text to say… ‘eeekkkk me next!’ and then I really started shaking.  I was on the verge of tears and desperate to say “don’t go!”.  Instead I texted my sister in SA and distracted myself that way.  After what seemed like hours, but was in reality just under an hour I finally got a text to say she was back down and “I LOVED it…I want to go again!!!” Geez girlie.  Your old ma is just about having a nervous breakdown after one jump and you want to go again….spare me!!

So she got down in one piece, although the initial part of the jump was marred by the most terrible pain in her sinus’s, so much so that she couldn’ t life her head and screamed blue murder for the first 200feet, but once the chute opened and they started floating, the pain went away and she got to enjoy, what she says, ‘is the most beautiful sight you could imagine’.  The earth looks so beautiful from 13,000 feet apparently!  Hmmm, well I shall have to see for myself now won’t I.  But by golly I was glad she was back on terra-firma.  So, I exhorted her to please keep in touch and send me regular text messages to say all is well.   I was still very concerned about the blackouts and that she may have one later on in the day.  (what she didn’t tell me in the morning was that she had already had one since arriving the night before)…dear Lord!!!  thankfully you didn’t tell me before now.

So last night while I was babysitting I sent a message to ask if all was well….no reply. ???  So I sent another to ask ‘please text me when you get home, I guess your’e probably out with the group having a good time. Just text me when you home that your’e ok…I will leave the phone on during the night.

Nothing!!! So this morning when I woke just after 6am, I jumped out of bed to check if any message had come through during the night …nada!!! 😦  My stress levels went through the roof!  I got back into bed and was just saying in my head: ‘please, please, please text me’ when hooray…..a text came through.  Whew!!  All was well, she had a very bad sinus headache and went to be at 6.30 pm the night before.  So all my texts had gone unnoticed coz she was sleeping.

I was so thankful to hear from her this morning, and to hear that all was well.  I had tried to be really disciplined about keeping my imagination under check.   Sometimes it’s really hard being a mother.   It’s like you want your kids to get out and experience life to the full, but at the same time you want to hold them close and keep them safe.

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