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whooo hoo!!! what a marvellous stroke of luck.  You may recall I mentioned that I had been living in a hostel (which did my head in)

the hostel

and then by good fortune a friend of mine said her sister had a spare room.!!! marvellous.  and this spare room was in a little wee house on an island!!! even better.  So heres the thing….my goal is to live on or visit 100 islands and so far I have managed to do quite a few.  I first saw this island and strolled about on it last year, and at the time said ‘AHH I woud love to live here’…..and now I am, albeit for only 24days.  🙂

So on Tuesday morning after I left the hostel I stopped off at a little wee café  had wanted to visit ever since I first saw it!

all photos of Princess Diana

Diana’s Café on Bayswater Road.  I popped in the other day and the walls are covered with photos of Princess Diana….quite emotional.  So I had a yummy breakfast and delicious cup of tea and then headed off to work.


So loving being out in the morning and really enjoy the hustle and bustle…..despite the buses et al being late!!!

So as I write I am sitting in front of….wait for it….I kid you not….truly and cross my heart….a gypsy caravan. 🙂 how bloody marvellous is that!!  When I arrived on Tuesday night, I was made to feel very welcome and we sat and chatted over tea (for me) and wine (for them).  We spoke at length about travel and travelling (my favourite subject, besides my daughter!) and I happened to mention my dream was to travel round the UK and then the world in a campervan!! And so it was mentioned that they had a gypsy caravan at the end of the garden!! really?? wow!! So from there the conversation verred off in the direction of what I call a ‘most sensible idea!’

I was asked if I would like to sleep in the caravan!!! Geez….can you see my grin?? of course I would!!!  So we traipsed down to the end of the garden and there was the most darling little red gypsey caravan.  Think in terms of Cher in one of her music videos.  It is gorgeous.  I had a peek inside and was smitten.

my home till the 14th October 🙂 wheee

So we trundled my bag down the garden path and into the caravan.  What a brilliant little place. I cant swing my arms, never mind a cat, but it is just darling.  I have the most fab view of the river which flows by no more than 15 feet away….thankfully at least 30 feet down….or I may be in trouble at high tide. 🙂

So my first night was a charm!! I slept like a log with the background sounds of the river teasing the edges of my conciousness.  I woke the next morning to the sound of geese honking and whipped my ass out of bed quicker than you could say “rise and shine”.  There were dozens of these very noisy creatures flying by and honking, hissing and bickering like mad!! what a cacaphony!!! and how marvellous.    what a way to start the day.  Lovely fresh air, birds honking, ducks quacking, and the sound of the river rushing by.

the view from my bed!!!

So last night I visited with my beloved daughter for supper and helping her pack for Spain.  She is going skydiving in Seville (lucky fishy) and will be flying out today!  I am really trepiditious but at the same time thrilled for her….what an adventure. wow!!! My turn next!   So after supper and chat and pudding I walked from her house to mine (took about 20minutes) and marvelled again at the fact that I can walk about at that time of the night with no fear. I love that I can do that!

The little wee caravan was waiting with open doors (welll actually I had to unlock them first! 🙂 ) and I settled in for the night.  So this morning I woke really early at 6.30 and immediately got up and out onto the terrace.  wow! what a marvellous morning.  I first made myself a cup of tea, then settled down to watch the sun rise and the birds waking up.  It is the most beautiful day and I am loving every minute of this little adventure.  My commute in the mornings is along a shady green path that winds it’s way past quaint little corrugated iron sheds and little cottages,

how darling is this!!!

over a footbridge across the river then through a delightful little town and so to the tube!!!  The train crosses the river again at Richmond and the view is something else.

my commute in the mornings

When I come home once again the train trundles over the river and the view is so uplifting!!! the Thames is such a beautiful river and this is such an amazing part of the country.

06.36 am this morning 🙂

I feel truly blessed.  The job is improving (or perhaps its coz I know more what I am doing now) and I really enjoyed having the office to myself the last few days.  I get to do a lot of social media too as part of the role so that is right up my alley, and I could spend all day on facebook and twitter….not that I do, there are other things to be done!

.....other things to be done!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

So, I have just finished my breakfast, am about to pack up and head off for my commute……feet first, then a bus, then a train, then another train and then feet again and I am at work. 🙂

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