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yes, indeed! Today has been a wonderful day. I woke real early again but with a very stiff neck.  My body aching and sore I guess the time spent lugging my bag around town finally caught up with me. I also have a very stiff neck…..must be the pillows I am sleeping on.

I am really getting into this; not working on weekends. And what a marvel it is.  This morning I had the time to write a poem to welcome my little niece into the world.  I was then able to meet up with my daughter for starbucks in Richmond without having to ask permission for time off!  I was able to take a leisurely walk back home along the Thames Path and not worry about getting back late.

a walk along the Thames

Yesterday afternoon I spoke to my sister and she described it perfectly; it’s like a blanket over your head….and that is exactly how my previous job was……like a blanket over my head, weighing me down.  This feeling of not having limits on my time is really strange.  I have had a very productive afternoon, a time when I could start working on some of my internet plans and I did’nt have to watch the clock!   I could speak freely to my brother this morning, no worry about disturbing anyone!

and this is the fella I am spending my weekend with

how sweet is that face 🙂

The funny thing is I keep forgetting that I have a new job to go to on Monday. 🙂 so just to be sure I’ve set my alarm!

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