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Hello. 🙂  It feels like I have been away for ages and am quite out the loop.    So here’s the thing……I have had major challenges with my computer and internet reception these last 3 weeks…in fact I am not even sure I will be able to post this blog!!! (if you are reading this, then that probably means I did = a miracle, hahaha!)

So after my return from South Africa my computer went on the blink and expired after a couple of days. After much mucking about and some extremely irate calls to 3G who provided me with the computer I found someone who could have a look at it for me. The problem was resolved within 20minutes = the transformer had expired. Bought a new one and hey presto, I could access the computer again.

And so began the next stage in the saga……internet reception. This has now gone on for 2 weeks, and after numerous calls to the network provider and computer provider I have today told them that unless they sort this out in the next 24hours, I will not only cancel the contract, but I will also return the computer that they sold to me on a 2 year contract with a 1 year warranty! and then i will go to another provider!  It seems they are working on the mast in the area and this is causing network interuptions which will last until 22 September!   Hello! Not my problem.  You are charging me for a service I am not receiving….therefore I expect to not be charged = one month’s credit agreed.  However, as I explained to them this morning, that is not going to solve the problem as I run my business from this computer and I have not been able to do anything for 3 weeks. Nothing, nada and ziltch!

So folks, my apologies for being so scarce, but I can scarcely ( 🙂 ) bring myself to log on these days coz I know what is going to happen…..and that is enough to make me want to throw the computer right out the window.  So rather than mess about with my blood pressure I have stayed off the internet!

If I manage to post this blog…..it will be a miracle.  In the interim, please forgive me for being so quiet I will be back asap!

In the meantime….what would you suggest would be good ‘Things To Do’ when your network provider tells you that you will not be having internet access for another 2 months+!

I am thinking along the lines of ‘How to throw the computer out the window without breaking it’.

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