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hello and goodbye

well hello! 🙂 I was hoping to post a blog today, been for some really exciting walks round London the last few weeks. But my internet reception keeps going off after a couple of minutes, so I will have to get back to that another time. It’s been a really annoying couple of weeks actually and has made me realise just how much I depend on the internet for conversation, connection and keeping in touch.  so far I have been online for about 10 minutes and in that time had to log off and back on again 4 times!!! just too irritating to continue for any length of time.

I did discuss this with the provider and it seems that all they can offer is a) I have to be patient and wait till they get the upgrade done

b) I cancel the contract and go elsewhere.

Nice one 3!!! especially since I have been a customer for the last 6 years! So instead I argued my case and have managed to acquire a credit for 3 months of no charge! and quite right too.

On the plus side, I have been doing a lot of reading about London and know a lot more useless information than I did a few weeks ago. I have managed to prepare 35 blogs for my business site http://www.3daysinlondon.info which I will download/upload (I am never too sure which is which) once I am on leave in August.

Thankfully I will be off for 14 days and hopefully will have internet reception where I will be staying.  Hopefully!!!

So in the meantime, I am writing up loads of info for twitter, reading, and generally twiddling my thumbs…I am to my shame also watching a lot more TV.  However, in my defence….I am also bored. What did I do before the internet took over my life? 🙂

So with the impending holiday (well more a break from work than a holiday) I will make the most of the time off and update my twitter account, facebook page and my blogs. I will also be going on a lovely long walk through London, celebrating my daughter’s birthday (with cupcakes most likely), possibly working out of town for a week (if the agency find a postion for me) and completing the itineraries for the business.

ooo, which brings me to…..I don’t think I told you yet…..but I did my first conducted tour recently! It was for a group of 12 people.  It was great fun!  Every one said they really enjoyed it (hope they were not fibbing) and we got to enjoy each others company for 2 hours while I showed them round London.  Whilst researching the route I discovered all sorts of interesting things…like that Oscar Wilde was incarcerated at the Bow Street Magistrates Court and goaled for 2 years! (of course that was a long time ago! 🙂 and also that King Charles II was a very bad lad! and all sorts of useless information….but so right up my alley.  The more I learn about this city the more fascinating I find it.

So anyhow, thats me for now. I will be back with more later. till then…. au revoir!! 🙂 and look at that, this turned out to be a blog of it’s own! hahaha! now lets see if I have reception for it to go thru!

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