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with just two days to go till I go on my break, it is time to celebrate and start packing!

celebrate....it's time for a break!

Normally when you go on ‘holiday’ you would expect to pack your suitcases (or in today’s world with weight restrictions….just 1) and you begin to select items that will be of use

remember the camera!!!!

 or much needed, party clothes, ensure you have enough toiletries, pack any meds, insect repellent, perhaps slip in a book or two to read while you are lounging on the beach, and of course you would expect to take some clothes along (or not!) 🙂

heading for the sun and surf...suitcase following close behind

But essentially you only pack a few of your possessions and the rest of your belongings stay at home.

Well not me! I am one of those people in the very bizarre situation of living out of a suitcase permanently rather than just when on holiday.  So for me it is not a case of packing a few items to go away, I have to literally pack everything and take it with me!



I may have mentioned before (or perhaps not) that I work as a Carer for the elderly (in some cases make that slave) and in this capacity I move around a lot.  So essestially I have to take everything that I will need with me in one suitcase!  This usually leads to lugging a very heavy suitcase around town (not for the faint-hearted).   This also means that I have to ‘move out’ everytime I go on a break.

So my home is my suitcase and when I take a break I have to take everything that I have with me…….out!

Most disconcerting.  Can you imagine having to pack up all your belongings, take down pictures, pack away books and ornaments, remove all traces of your existence from the premises…….every time you go on holiday!

on holiday 🙂

Not only that, but because I work as a live-in Carer I don’t have a home of my own! So I usually have to board, bed-down,

a bed......hope he ain't in it when I get there!!!

 couch-surf, doss-on-the-floor or find a place to stay with various friends or my one and only relative in the UK…..my daughter.

...... 🙂

Other than that I live in a hostel (not the most exciting of venues).

So ‘going on holiday’ for me is a different kettle of fish.

....fish anyone?

 And as much as I look forward to my breaks and love to go ‘on holiday’ I loath having to pack all my stuff away and lug a heavy suitcase about town.

The only good thing about lugging the suitcase around town is that I am reaching the age (have reached?) where lovely young things with muscles offer to carry my bag up or down the stairs.

mmmmmm 🙂

I guess I make a sorry spectacle standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs with a very forelorn look on my face (this is deliberate!).  If I wait long enough and look dejected enough….some sweet young thing usually stops to offer his help 🙂 heehee there are perks to getting old!

do I look pathetic enough?

So with just 52 hours to go on my MUCH NEEDED break….it’s time to pack my bags and go!!!!

On the plus side……I don’t have much junk, I do a clearout on a regular basis and my total wardrobe can fit into one suitcase!  Ok I fibbed on that one….I have a storage unit where I keep all the extraneous stuff that I have accumulated over the years, just a pity I can’t live in it while I am on ‘holiday’.

this is what I really need....actually make that 'have-to-have'

whey hey…….holiday times, time for adventure!!! Coming soon more London adventures …………………

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