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Yesterday I had some time off so made my way through to Twickenham to visit my daughter who has been quite¬†peaky the last week and needed some ‘Mummy TLC’. ūüôā¬† The weather was great by the time I arrived there and it was lovely to see the sun¬†(the journey took 1.5hours!!!!).

transport for london, trains from barons court to richmond, district line to richmond

waiting at Baron's Court for the first train to Richmond

First we had a cup of tea and a wee chat and then went for a stroll along the river. She was looking decidedly pale and needed some sun.  We crossed the river via Twickenham Bridge and taking a short-cut along a delightful little road, we passed the entrance to the Old Deer Park.

deer park richmond

the entrance under the bridge to the Deer Park, Richmond

The houses that lined the road were wonderful, gardens and lawns beautifully maintained with the spring flowers and greenery sprouting vigorously.  The flower boxes are a delight of colour.


delightful houses, window boxes filled with colours of spring

As we reached Richmond Green, which certainly lived up to it’s name,

richmond green

living up to it's name...Richmond Green

we walked to the right and behold…..the remains of ‘Richmond Palace’!!! OMG!!!¬† Show me a palace or a castle and I go weak at the knees.¬† It was extraordinary to stand under the archway that led into the courtyard knowing that 3 of our Monarchs lived here at some stage of our history.¬† King Henry VII, King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.¬†Right up my alley; I was enchanted.

richmond palace richmond

inside the courtyard of Richmond Palace showing the King's Wardrobe on the right

Yes it did say private land, and no I did not take¬†heed!!¬† We strolled around the courtyard and discovered the ‘Trumpeter’s House’, ‘Number 2 The Wardrobe’ as well as the ‘Palace Gate¬†House’ ūüôā

the trumpeters house richmond palace

Trumpeter's House, Richmond Palace

Can you just imagine living in a house called ‘The Trumpeter’s House’!!! How marvellous.¬†¬† The courtyard is delightful and so quiet you would never guess your’e right in the town.¬† The ancient hinges on the wall are massive and show just how enormous the gates themselves must have been to require such large hinges.

richmond palace

...now that is what you call a hinge!!!!

From there we walked past a magical row of houses named ‘Four Maids of Honour Row’……how quaint can you get!!!!

4 maids of honour row richmond palace

4 Maids of Honour Row, Richmond

Next we walked across the green to the town and made our way to a wee tea-room, a delightful little place, quaint and twee.  There we relaxed and chatted over a pot of tea and scones with jam and cream (of course!!!).

scones and tea in richmond

scones with jam and cream

After tea we walked back to the green and lay out on the green, green grass in the sun….the citizens of Richmond were scattered about on the grass, relaxing, playing games, throwing ball, little kiddies running about, parents trying to keep up; the buzz of conversation and laughter filled the air.

As the sun started to slip down the horizon it got chilly, so we decided to head on home.¬† I unfortunately had a deadline too. ūüė¶

A¬†quick stroll along the main road where we passed a pub called ‘The Old Ship’. Above the entrance were two lovely old lamps!

the old ship richmond

The Old Ship has stood on this site since at least 1735

the old ship richmond

old lamps and carved wooden detail

and then along the embankment that forms part of the Thames Path that runs approx 180 miles along the Thames¬†riverbank from the¬†Thames Flood Barrier at Woolwich in South East London to Kemble in Gloucestershire.¬† The grassy verges were filled to the brim with people all sitting out enjoying the sun.¬† I have never seen that particular area so heavily peopled before.¬†¬† It’s quite weird….it’s like in winter everyone gets packed away in a box,¬†and when the spring arrives…they all get let out again.

richmond embankment

along the embankment near Richmond Bridge

Along the way¬†we passed some amazing houses…wow!!¬† Richmond upon Thames has, and is surrounded by, a great selection of historic houses and stately homes.

can you imagine that the water reaches right up to the wall at high tide

 I saw a heron fishing

heron fishing at the deer park in richmond

a heron fishing

¬†and stopped at the old ‘Meridian Line; that used to be positioned here (now moved to Greenwich).

meridian line richmond, kings observatory old deer park, kew road, richmond

where the meridian line used to be positioned. if you follow the line as the crow flies you will reach the King's Observatory

Then it was back home, a quick stop on the bridge to take photos….the river was looking absolutely fabulous.

the river thames richmond

River Thames as viewed from Twickenham Bridge

Then home for one final cup of tea and finally I had no option but to head on home…..a journey that took 2 hours!!!! urgh.¬† Sunday on TFL is no joke!

richmond upon thames

map of Richmond Upon Thames

There is so much to do in Richmond, and with a fabulous selection of historical houses, quaint and ancient pubs, high street shops, a number of restaurants and tea-rooms, the Old Deer Park, boating on the river and the Thames Pathway….you are spoilt for choice.¬† It’s a wonderful area and so worth the trip out of London…a trip that¬†is an adventure in itself.

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