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Southwark to Greenwich – possibly (?) in the footsteps of Geoffrey Chaucer.  (and I have finally finished documenting this leg of the journey! – it takes longer to write about the journey & upload the photos than it took to do the walk)
The 2nd leg of my journey was meant to start at 6am…….hahaha. I only woke at 9am!!!  Again I tweeted my about stops on my journey and sent photos along the way. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did 🙂
09:55 urgh! So much 4 an early start! Still in bed! Hahaha. Had awful nite; soft bed 😦 but just about to up & going 🙂 #njgtravels whoo hoo
I had really intended on making an early start, wanting to catch the sunrise, but after a really late night decided that the world could get on without me and since this was my walk, I could wait a bit before starting….no rush 🙂
09:55 RT of a quote – Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking. (Ogala Sioux)
I finally got my act together, had breakfast and with my camera in hand, was on my way. Hooray!! I kept my twitter app open on my phone and watched the tweets go by and it was quite weird how the quotes kinda matched what I was doing!
11:08 rt of a quote – Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. -Doug Firebaugh
Then finally…..
11:09 I’m on the road again….tahdeedah I’m on the road again. FINALLY!! only 4hours l8! Hahaha. #njgtravels Good thing i have no train to catch!
Ha!!! of course I had a train to catch, a bus too. First bus 214 to Kentish Town, then onto the tube and the start of my journey.
11:11 next stop #London Bridge 🙂 This is like groundhog day! Only earlier #njgtravels
As a reminder of the places I had visited the day before, I made a quick tour for some more photos and then….
11:45 the adventure begins. 1st stop St George the Martyr church c12th century #njgtravels at last 🙂
It’s amazing to me to walk along these ancient roads and I revelled in the history of the area.
12:09 passed The George Inn, leaving London Bridge & Southwark Cathedral behind #njgtravels
Of course I did not stop in today, just waved goodbye and set my sails for Greenwich.
12:13 Tooley Str & Jamaica Rd part of Chaucer’s route? #njgtravels
Tooley Street; a road in South London connecting London Bridge to St Saviour’s Dock runs past Tower Bridge on the Southwark side of the River Thames, forms part of the A200 road.

tooley street

Tooley Street, an ancient byway survived many reincarnations

The earliest name for the street recorded in the Rolls is the neutral regio vicio i.e. ‘royal street’ meaning a public highway.  I planned to follow Tooley Street then into Jamaica Street and thence to Deptford via Rotherhithe.  First I passed London Bridge Station

london bridge underground station

London Bridge Station

 This was the first time I had actually walked so far along Tooley Street. My usual walk would be on the riverside along the Thames Path.  Mounted on the wall I saw an old WW2 sign that said “Is your journey really necessary?” …..uuummmhh yes!!!

is your journey really necessary?

12:26 now exploring unchartered territory. Never been this side of #london b4. #njgtravels
Hmmmm. Really interesting to see all the new buildings amongst the old. Passed a great little pub with a fabulous frontage; The Shipwright’s Arms.

shipwrights arms tooley street southwark

the Shipwright's Arms......a delightful entrance

I stopped for loads of photos along the way and could probably have done the walk a lot quicker but for that. 🙂
12:55 making good progress! Passed Tower Bridge, now in Jamaica Road. Taking a detour to look at the Thames. #njgtravels
Tower Bridge is just marvellous and certainly the most magnificent of all London’s bridges.

tower bridge london

Tower Bridge - London

Once I reached Bevington Street I had grown bored with the buildings and apartment blocks on the route so decided to head for the river for a bit of a break.

Whoo hoo….I met up with the Thames Path…whey hey. I did not realise it ran this far. See…I have been here 9 years and  am still discovering things 🙂

river thames london

looking back along the river from the Thames Path near Bevington Road

13:09 okay. Have decided to follow the Thames Path 4 a way. Interesting things to see 🙂 #njgtravels
It was way cool and looked so much more interesting so I decided to continue along said path and find what I could find!  At my point of entry I found a wee pub “The Justice” that had been used by Sir Paul McCartney for scenes from his film ‘Give My Regards To Broad Street’ and for his music video ‘No More Lonely Nights’.

old justice pub rotherhithe london

Old Justice - exterior & interior used by Sir Paul McCartney

As it was closed I did not get to go in, another time perhaps. I marched on, aware of the time ticking along….that waits for no man!!! By now I was getting tired and thirsty and all the water in the river was beginning to look really inviting 🙂 and then….
13:14 hooray! I spy an Inn. This traveller is going in 4 a pitstop! Just met Dr Alfred Salter #njgtravels The Thames path is gr8
Wonderful.  I discovered a sculpture of Dr Alfred Salter (born 1873 and started Guy’s Hospital 1889) and his daughter Joyce who died from scarlet fever aged 9 in June 1910, and their cat.

dr salter

Dr Alfred Salter - born 1873

Diane  Gorvin’s sculpture shows a kindly Dr Salter waving to his daughter Joyce who is leaning against the Thames wall with her cat nearby. It represents the “daydream of an old man remembering happier times when his ‘sunshine’ was still alive.”

Joyce Salter - died of scarlet fever 1910

Marvellous. I love discovering things like this…..our hidden gems.
13:25 whew! Gr8 to put the old feet up for 5min. At the Angel Inn, fab views frm upper lounge. Prop. Jackie a peach. Allowed photos 🙂 #njgtravels
Definitely worth the stop and something to bear in mind for the future, I stopped off at the Angel Inn for a bit of feet up and something to drink.

angel inn rotherhithe

Angel Inn, Rotherhithe - a fine place to tarry awhile

The views from the upstairs lounge are fabulous and the Sunday lunch that was being eaten a few feet away smelled delicious.  The coke went down exceptionally well and slaked my thirst.  The proprietor was lovely and allowed me to roam about and take photos. The Angel Inn is a 19C restored pub on a 15C pub site, originally kept by monks from Bermondsey Abbey and mentioned by Samuel Pepys.
13:26 i dont usually drink coke but by golly this 1 is going down well. #njgtravels
The opposite side of the Thames is yet to be explored by this adventurer and looking across the river at the buildings lining the bank was really enticing.

view across the river.....begging to be explored

13:28 there are some awesome buildings across the river. Bear further exploration l8r. #njgtravels
After my drink I set off once again, but not before having a quick look at the remains of King Edward III’s (1327-1377) moated Manor House.   Don’t you just love that we preserve these places instead of ripping them out!!!

ruins of King Edward III's Manor House - directly opp the Angel Inn

From there I walked along the winding Thames Path, marvelling at all the interesting buildings. I spied a Church that demanded further exploration: St Marys the Virgin, 14C rebuilt 1715 is the 3rd church on the site and Grade II listed. Features of note are: Timbers from Termeraire. Grinling Gibbons carvings. A fine ‘peel’ of eight bells. Tomb of Prince Lee Boo of Pelau. And has links with sailing of the Mayflower.   Whoa!!! This little church was frequented by Capt Christopher Jones of Rotherhithe, captain of the Mayflower and apparently the Mayflower set out not far from this spot all those years ago.

saint mary the virgin rotherhithe captain christopher jones of the mayflower

Saint Mary the Virgin Rotherhithe

The little pub ‘The Mayflower Inn’ (1780 as Spreadeagle) displays a list of passengers who sailed on the Mayflower.

mayflower in rotherhithe the mayflower

Mayflower Inn, Rotherhithe

The pub looks absolutely darling and I noticed that they serve afternoon teas there…hmmmm gonna have to come this way again sometime. 🙂  Venturing only just a few yards along I made another discovery…………
13:48 oooo! I just discovered Brunel’s Museum. Awesome 🙂 def gonna come back #njgtravels
Wow!!! how amazing. ‘A scheduled Ancient Monument and International Landmark Site’ the museum dates from 1842.

brunel museum rotherhithe

the Brunel Museum, Rotherhithe - 'A scheduled Ancient Monument and International Landmark Site' the museum dates from 1842

There are a number of metal structures, tiny replicas of some of his works dotted around the grounds of the museum.  Definitely have to visit this area again.  On the move again, I chanced upon a small enclosed garden and patio hidden behind a screen of hedges.
13:52 just passed Cumberland Wharf & the statue of a wee boy reading the Sunshine Weekly. Cute. #njgtravels
how cute is this.  I am constantly amazed at the delightful sculptures that abound in this city.

sunbeam weekly rotherhithe

reading the 'Sunbeam Weekly' - Cumberland Terrace, Rotherhithe

Besides the other wonders I discovered I also visited the Bascule Bridge which replaced the original swing bridge over dock entrance of Surrey Water.

bascule bridge rotherhithe

Bascule Bridge Rotherhithe

Along the way I passed some girls collecting for a memorial to a friend who had died. Chatted to them briefly and they were highly amused by what I was doing and when I told them my twitter handle was ‘notjustagranny’ they burst out laughing. hahaha
14:12 rightio! Back on Jamaica Rd. Brilliant detour along Thames Path. Has started raining, wish me luck! Eish #njgtravels
After a long walk and further exploration I finally made my way back to Jamaica Road. Popped in at Southwark Park 1869 (63 acres, designed by Alexander Mckenzie)

southwark park

Southwark Park - 1869

for a quick look see and after picking up a rather marvellous brochure from Rotherhithe station I discovered that……
14:25 btw its Sunbeam Weekly not Sunshine Weekly hahaha #njgtravels – So that corrects that error! 🙂
The Rotherhithe Road Tunnel 1908 looks quite interesting and the archway at the entrance/exit is constructed by parts of the Greathead Shield used to partly dig the tunnel.

rotherhithe road tunnel rotherhithe

part of the Greathead Shield over the entrance to the Rotherhithe Road Tunnel - 1908

14:36 mmm, interesting. Just did a quik detour to look at Rotherhithe Tunnel & Southwark Park. Nice. On the way again. #njgtravels
From there I had planned to walk along Brunel Road into Salter Road in a semi-circle following the curve of the river to Surrey Docks.  But the weather had other ideas and it started to rain.  So I hailed a carriage (aka a bus) and travelled in ….maybe not style but certainly in comfort out of the rain. (I am sure Chaucer would have done that same!)
15:00 now in Deptford = Chaucer’s 1st stop. Did what any sensible pilgrim wld, took a modern day carriage aka a bus 🙂 Its raining! #njgtravels
Geez…..I sure hope that Deptford was a little more interesting in Chaucer’s day.


looking along the road at Deptford

Not to offend anyone but it sure ain’t pretty.  Mind you it was probably forrested in his day and they most likely had to contend with wild boar and highway men!!!
15:08 i hope Deptford was a tad more interesting in Chaucer’s day! #njgtravels …in the rain! Urgh must be insane!
It was still raining but I was determined to walk and not take a bus again, so ignoring the wet I soldiered on. The I spied…..
15:18 ok, Deptford…all is forgiven. Just spotted a gorgeous little church, St Lukes. Lovely 🙂 #njgtravels

st lukes deptford

St Luke's Deptford - very cute

Whey hey!!! Just spotted a sign that told me I was not far at all from Greenwich and my destination.

4.5 miles behind me from Tower Bridge to Deptford...almost at Greenwich

15:23 15min or less till #Greenwich if i dont get distracted! #njgtravels
Well famous last words…..of course I got distracted.  A sign showed me the way 🙂 Hahahaha. I spied a signboard that told me if I walk thataway I would see a statue of Peter the Great. How could I not take a detour.  Mind you by now I was dead keen on getting to a loo!!! and a cup of tea would not have gone amiss….but never to bypass something of interest I followed the detour and boy am I glad I did.
15:36 taking a small detour to see statue of Peter the Great. See! I told u 🙂 Fab view of Canary Wharf. #njgtravels
Wonderful, wonderful!  The views along the river in all directions was fabulous.  The statue was brilliant and not at all what I had expected.  Had fun sitting on his throne (not quite the kind of throne I was wanting, but hey…) and surveying the peasants heehee!!!

peter the great statue greenwich

view along the Thames from my vantage point on the throne 🙂

15:39 am sitting on Peter the Great’s throne. Hpe he doesnt mind 🙂 Brilliant views along the Thames. #njgtravels

peter the great

a fabulous emsemble...Peter the Great towers above the wee man on his right and the throne on his left & a cannon

Tsar Peter I of Russia (described as ‘Peter the Great’) travelled to Europe in 1697-98 as a young man, to study new developments in technology, especially shipbuilding.  He lived near the Royal Dockyard in Deptford, at the home of the writer John Evelyn, for much of his four-month stay in England. The monument includes one dwarf jester holding a ship and globe, while Peter standing next to a throne, carries a telescope. Next to the throne is an ornate cannon.
The statue was unveiled by Prince Michael of Kent in June 2001.
Created by: Cleve Severin – Erected 2001 to commemorate the Tsar’s visit

After I had had my fill of the scenery and sitting his lordships throne I headed back to the main road.  The light was beginning to dim and I still wanted to head for the Royal Observatory…my aim was to stand on the Meridian Line.   I bet if Chaucer had known he would be able to do that he may have postponed his trip somewhat!!!   and yes……….tah dah…………
15:40 from where i am now its 4.5 miles to Tower Bridge behind me! Whoo hoo!! Almost there #njgtravels

And finally I entered the outskirts of Greenwich.  Hooray!!!

greenwich book place and gallery greenwich london

Greenwich ......hooray!

15:55 I’m here! #Greenwich hooray! 4 hours 5 miles 1,000’s of steps & i am here! 🙂 #njgtravels
and now it was……………….
15:56 time for a cup of hot chocolate! Think i deserve it, am frozen! 🙂 #njgtravels
Hhmmm, on 2nd thoughts and as the light was getting dim………
16:03 actually, am heading up to the Observatory 1st. Getting dark & want to stand on Meridian Line #njgtravels 🙂

Whew, thanks heavens I had decided to do this first. The Observatory closes at 5pm!!! so I just had enough time to whizz thru, take some photos, stand on the line where east meets west,

prime meridian line royal observatory greenwich

16.19 - standing on the Prime Meridian Line, Royal Observatory, Greenwich

 a quick visit to the observation deck and then head downhill……

royal observatory greenwich

the Royal Observatory perched on a hill overlooking Greenwich...the climb is a 'bit' of a challenge!!

I have been to Greenwich before and climbed the blessed hill to the Observatory. It wasn’t any easier this time around either!
16:33 whoa! The walk up to Royal Observatory is a challenge! The view phenomenal Stood on Meridian line 0’00 degr longitude awesome 🙂 #njgtravels

17:27 whew! At last i am sitting down! Journeys end @starbucks #Greenwich. Cappuchino in front of me 🙂 yay #njgtravels
OMGosh did that coffee taste ever so good. And it was marvellous to take the weight off my feet! I had intended going to Costa Coffee for a hot chocolate…..but it was closed!!! dimwits.  After the coffee I meandered towards the station, first visiting the Greenwich Market, great place. I love the little alley ways and cobbled streets in the area.

greenwich market

narrow alleys and lanes of Greenwich Market

I visited St Alfrege Church as well…wow! Gorgeous interior. Made a quick visit to the Mitre Pub, looked fun albeit noisy so was glad I had changed my mind about sleeping there that night. And then it was………….
17:51 ok! My carriage awaits – aka the DLR – heading home= shower & bed! Gr8 day 🙂 #njgtravels

and again a marvellous quote to end the journey.
17:51 rt of a quote – Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such.” ~Henry Miller

greenwich tube station

underground at Greenwich station

 after a long day and fun day of exploration, discoveries galore and doing what I love…walking, photographing and generally having a good time I reached home. And one last tweet for the day!
19:45 rt of a quote – Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~Mahatma Gandhi #quote

What a great time I had. Rotherhithe is filled with delights that I have yet to see, so with the brochure in my hands, my next visit will be more extensive and since I won’t have a schedule to run to I will be able to explore some more and definitely stop off for lunch at the Angel Inn, afternoon tea at the Mayflower Inn and visit the Brunel Museum and St Mary the Virgin amongst others. Another adventure!!

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