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…I think it’s finally happened….

I have over the years often said how much I love the UK, how wonderful life is in this country, how priviledged we are to live in a 1st world country and how much I enjoy living here, and now…….after 9.5 years……..

I b*itch about the Government (vehemently), complain about the weather (occassionally),

pic from cartoonstock.com

 I have a right old moan when the bus is 5 minutes late,

I complain when the tube is delayed by a signal failure and I have started to realise that 6 months of winter is not fun!  🙂

I have become an avid birdwatcher,

British Jay

feed the foxes in the garden, chase the squirrels, avoid Oxford Street to the best of my ability, am seriously considering ‘wintering’ in a sunny countryand get all teary-eyed when I hear the National Anthem! 😉

today, I had a full Christmas lunch with all the trimmings (albeit pork fillet and not a turkey),

watched a Pantomime on TV and listened to the Queen’s speech!

I think it has finally happened……I have morphed into a Brit!!!!

pic from british-flag.org

and I love it!!!

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wonderful Festive Season and Happy Holidays. may your days be filled with joy and love.

this is now officially my first white christmas and I am delighted to say the least.  Ok so the snow has started melting and the ground is all slushy and mucky, but it is stilll very beautiful albeit cold.  The squirrels are bounding about on the verandah causing mayhem and the blue tits, coal tits and robins are busily flying back and forth from bush to feeder to verandah and off again!!

if you look very carefully you will see the robin sitting on the lower post

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