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Ever since I have lived in the UK I have loved winter.  I love how the days get colder and colder as autumn creeps nearer and nearer to winter, how the wind comes up and blows all the leaves asunder, scattering them far and wide.

leaves scattered far and wide

I love the smell of leaves burning as gardeners tidy up after autumns fall, how the trees look without their summer dresses, how their arms reach skywards; beseechingly, achingly.  How the birds nests become more apparent without the leaves to hide them.  I love how the wild birds and squirrels run about looking for food, digging their noses into hidey holes from the summer.  I love how the days shorten and the nights draw in earlier and earlier,

as the nights draw in......5pm mid November

a perfect backdrop for the gay christmas lights that brighten the dark nights with their cheery colours. I love the anticpation of wondering if there will be snow…..and when! I love it when you wake one day and the world is white, a sparkling pure white that covers the world…the air hushed and still.

and then it snowed!

I love the early mornings when you pop your head out from under the duvet

popping your head out from under the covers

and its freezing and you scurry back beneath the covers.  I love the icy cold that makes you hop up and down, the chill in the seconds between getting undressed and diving under a hot shower….goosebumps scurrying up and down your body as you shiver and laugh with the thrill of the cold. I love the sounds of the laughter as kiddies fly screaming down snowy slopes, precariously seated on bright yellow or red or blue sleds, with either Mom or Dad waiting at the bottom or maybe even hugging them close as they whizz along slippery slopes.   I love the winter colours; purple, red, burgundy, emerald green – the clothes we pile on in an effort to keep warm before we venture outdoors; scarves wrapped tightly and caps pulled down in an effort to keep the cold air at bay.  I love the seasonal activities; halloween, bonfire night,

Guy Fawkes - Bonfire night

thanksgiving, christmas….all seem more appropriate in colder climes. I love how the air ghosts up as you breathe out on a freezing cold morning, the thrill of a warm indoors after a quick walk to the store…that tingling feeling as warmth creeps slowly through your bones…a painful albeit comforting ache.  I love how people stamp their feet to keep warm, how folks laugh more in winter coz of the cold that makes you jump about.  Then the first advertisement of Starbucks ‘Gingerbread Latte’ and you know that winter has arrived


Gingerbread Latte at Starbucks...winter is here 🙂

And what I love most of all are the layers….the layers of clothes we pull on before we venture outdoors… no such thing as popping quickly out the door….

layer 2 - a camisol and tights

layer 3 - a top and socks

layer 4 - a jumper and trousers

layer 5 - jacket and shoes

layer 6 - and an extra pair of thick socks

(no! I didn’t forget layer 1 – like Victoria, a girl has gotta have some secrets 🙂 )

and then just before it gets tiresome, before you get sick of the cold and dark; I love the anticipation of spring….knowing that all that has died will soon come to life…the first buds of May as they peep through their protective winter covering, the snowdrops that look for all the world like a fresh shower of snow, the tulips

bright colours of spring

and daffodils that thrust boldly towards the light; brightening a dull day with their fabulous colours, then suddenly the blossoms appear

blossoms amidst the green

and and slowly slowly the trees form a sheen of green, and the days lengthen getting longer and longer….

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