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as I mentioned before, there is one thing guaranteed to get me out of bed before the alarm and that is snow.

snow in london

what I saw when I opened my curtains at 7am this morning

 I am dressed and out the door camera in hand in less than 10 minutes…….. it usually takes a cup of tea and a half-hour snuggle before I get up! so today I open my curtain to take a peek at what the weather holds in store and it’s SNOWING!!!!!! Talk about a ripple of energy!!!!! it’s like an electric current runs through the bed……..

So there I was, not yet 8am and I was out and about in the snow grinning from ear to ear and LOVING it!!!! There is one thing to be said for snow besides that it is beautiful – and that is that it is MAGICAL!!! There is something about snow on the rooftops and covering the trees that is quite simply magical.

picture postcard perfect

I know it causes chaos and I have lost out on work in the past…but hey so what! It is one of natures most beautiful visions and in all the 9 years of living in the UK I have yet to tire of it. Long live winter…. it brings the snow!

pretty as a picture

There were a few hardy souls out before me and we smiled a greeting (see thats what the snow does, creates a sense of community) as we wnet on our individual ways.   Them to wherever they are going and me to the park nearby (can’t venture too far).  I love the sounds of silence the snow creates, how it mutes all daily sounds, the crisp crunch underfoot as you step on virgin snow, the whoosh as it slides off the awnings, the slow steady drip drip drip as it melts off the branches.

birdbath frozen over

I love the sight of the trees under their blanket of white,

xmas trees

 the ground a pure white disc, all uglies hidden, the enchanting vision of snow on the roof, the tumultuous flakes as they whirl and twirl down from the heavens, the smile it brings to peoples faces!

(p.s. this was written on 30.11.2010…I forgot to post it 🙂 )

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