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….making out a cheque for a fraction of the amount owed and writing ‘PAID IN FULL’ on it?

A popular myth that has long been doing the rounds is the one that says writing out a cheque for a fraction of the amount owed will clear a large debt, provided that it has a note saying ‘paid in full’ attached to it.   This is not true, and will be seen as acting in bad faith, which will just make things worse.

The rumour may have popped up as a result of some creditors being willing to accept a smaller amount than that originally owed – after all, some payment is better than no payment – but this only works when there is an agreement between creditor and debtor.

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Prepare yourself for fame.  We’ve all tried to imagine what it would be like to be famous.  Going to the shops in a chauffeur-driven limo, treated like royalty and waited on hand and foot.  These days, being a celebrity is a job in itself – it can happen to almost anyone and some people are truly awful at it.   So don’t be negative about your ambitions to be rich and famous – just make sure that when you get there, you know how to behave and not make a fool of yourself.

When you are famous and you’re walking down the red carpet at a film premier and people are screaming at you for an autograph, you should have your signature practised to perfection. Make it suitable flamboyant and never refuse to give it to someone.   Practise your superstar walk too!

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10 Useful steps for your New Year budget:

1)  Think before you spend.

Stick to a realistic budget that includes everything.

2)  Keep a tally of what you spend.

It is very simple to set up a spreadsheet; enter all your purchases and you will soon see where you could cut back on impulse buys

3)  Avoid impulse buys.

Plan your birthday calendar; think ahead of who you wish to buy a gift for and when you find something suitable, buy it then rather than an overspend at the last minute.

4)  Use cash for your small purchases.

Set aside a specific amount each month for those quick buys, saves interest on the credit card.

5)  Find ways to make rather than buy.

Try making your own greeting cards for special occasions.

6)  Generate extra money.

We all have a skill we can use to earn extra cash.

7)  Download free software such as skype.

Many people these days have computers – using skype to skype could save you a fortune on overseas calls.

8)  Save up for special treats.

Pick a coin value e.g. £1 and every time you get one in your change put it into a money box, you’ll be amazed how quickly they add up.

9)  Cut back on transport costs.

Make use of oyster cards or similar; walk if you can, wherever you can.

10)  Put the money you save into an ISA and start saving for next Christmas or that special holiday.

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