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Well nothing boring about life in our household. Besides the fact that we are waiting with bated breath for the baby to arrive, we had waters break last night, but they were not Mummy’s. LOL

My daughter and I were in her bedroom folding laundry and my son-in-law was in the bath. Suddenly we heard him yell something intelligible, ran to the bathroom to find out what was going on and heard the gushing of water (fortunately he was dressed by then). Initially we were like “oh it’s raining” but on opening the bathroom window we realised …nope not rain, the sound was coming from inside the bathroom. My son-in-law turned the basin tap on and the sound disappeared, turned it off again and the water gushed…but from where?

We all traipsed downstairs and to our horror water was gushing through the ceiling and into the kitchen. At that point we realised a pipe had clearly burst under the bath and as we started to look for where to turn the water off the lights blew LOL Darkness descended.

Pitch black and the 3 of us running around looking for our phones for a torch. After much confusion phones were found, a neighbour’s help secured, the electrics turned off, towels galore lined the cupboard edges, buckets under the water spouts and finally we located the stop-cock which was ironically just outside the garden gate. We also with the neighbours help located the interior tap and turned the water off. It turns out the tap is in my bedroom in the basement and I went to bed with visions of the water gushing out during the night all over my bed!!! Horrors!

Once the water flow had been stemmed to a trickle I set about mopping the pool of water in the kitchen and my daughter remarked that when she said she wanted a ‘water-birth’ this is not quite what she had in mind. I retorted that “yes, your waters broke, but not the ones you wanted”… more hilarity followed and before the ink had dried on her facebook update people were replicating the ‘waters broke’ theme.

Meanwhile once the excitement died down, the estate agent contacted and an emergency plumber sent out to determine the source of the damage and check the water was truly turned off, we settled down with bottles and jugs and kettle filled to see us through till the morrow….just in case. My daughter and I took a midnight stroll to the local hotel to use the loo LOL

Once life had settled down we watched a bit of TV and then we all retired to bed. Still no Peanut but a LOT of water. The Universe sure has a sense of humour.

On a side note, it was surprisingly warm outside when we walked to the hotel and I didn’t even need my jacket. This winter has been really weird, far too mild and a tad worrying. However I have been reliably informed that there is an Arctic Blast heading our way. I must dig out those gloves…..pronto.

We all survived the night, the floors have dried out, the water has stopped gushing, the plumber has been and replaced the culprit, the water supply is back on and the towels are being washed as I type, the waterboard folk have been to check why the valve on the stopcock is not working properly and the lino in the kitchen and the cupboards have survived the onslaught. The bathroom lino hasn’t fared so well. And my nerves are fraught.

It’s stressful enough that my daughter is so ill right on her term dates without the palaver of a burst water pipe. We had already spent a few hours at the Maternity Ward late yesterday afternoon to check that baby was ok as he wasn’t moving as much as normal and with all the coughing my daughter’s belly was very painful and her whole body aching from the strain. They hooked her up to the heart monitor and thankfully Peanut’s heart is beating strong and loud and in other good news, it appears he may well have turned from the breech position and be head down. They’ve ordered a scan for later this week to check.

If he has turned and is head down, then that means she may well be able to insist on having the water birth she wants…only it will not be from a burst water pipe on the floor of the kitchen.

Oh and we still don’t have lights as the electrics in the kitchen are still wet but thankfully we do have the electric sockets, so after 17 years in the UK we are now using side lamps for light…. just like the Brits hahahaha.  The electrician is expected at 3pm.




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