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Last night, sitting in the tiny little room I currently call ‘home’ (no, not really a home; I hate this room but it has a bed and electricity) getting more and more claustrophobic, so took myself out for a sunset walk to the harbour.

Ramsgate Royal Harbour

Its really weird walking through the deserted streets, most of the shops and stores are shuttered. The wind blowing a gale and rubbish swirled around like drunken dervishes.

Passing other walkers, they hurriedly lift their scarves to their eyes and scurry by…I guess it’s a bit like it was at the height of WW2. Otherworldly and covert….who’s the enemy? Them, me or Covid-19!!

The view of Ramsgate from the harbour arm is always lovely but I didn’t tarry since I was getting blown off my feet. I think I walked back quicker with the wind at my back pushing me along.

Ramsgate from the end or the harbour arm
Looking out to sea….so windy I could barely stand up

On my way I stopped off at Peter’s Fish Shop and bought a box of hot chips and fish gougons, then into ASDA for tartare sauce and a bottle of Gallo Rose. Again, it’s totally weird to see the empty shelves…something we were expecting with Brexit on the horizon, but Covid-19 has knocked that out the water.

Fish gougons and chips, washed down with a good rose and the sultry tones of Kenny Rogers

Back in the room I put on some Kenny Rogers (may he rest in peace) and had a party for one….

Overall I got in just over 3.6kms (slightly over 2 miles), and although I’m not doing as much boots-on walking as 2017 and 2018, the miles are slowly adding up.

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