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The very best thing to come out of this current situation is that the earth; nature, is getting a chance to breathe.

Every morning now I listen to birdsong outside my window and I can hear even the tiniest of birds.

I can hear them at noon when I’m out walking and I can hear them settling at night.

I found this poem on Google, it seems quite apt

Miranda Renea May 2016

Birdsong Have you ever heard the birds sing?
Everyone is always listening to
Lifeless steel hanging at their side;
It follows as they switch their hip
And walk on by. Sometimes, I wonder,
Why haven’t you heard the birdsong?

No cars rushing by, no trucks or vans….just the gentle breeze and birdsong. Long may it last.

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Gosh. Its extraordinary to think that our governments are not trusted enough to ensure that nature, a vital part of our lives, is not sacrosanct and protected from over development and destruction, as well as pollution. Its extraordinary that it needs organisations like the RSPB to have to fight for this. 

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I was watching The One Show on BBC1 a couple of nights ago and they featured a small snippet about the Painted Ladies; our favourite butterfly.

Their arrival in the UK is awaited each year with much anticipation and there is much competition between butterfly lovers as to who will see the first one and where!

a painted lady – borrowed from the butterfly conservation website credited to Iain H Leach

I remember some years ago, quite some years ago, I was working in Suffolk, right next to a farmers field surrounded by hedgerows and trees.

It was Painted Lady season and to my delight it was one of the best years for their numbers and one day, seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly there were thousands of these exquisitely ethereal creatures alighting on every branch, along every hedge and flowers everywhere. A plethora of fantasy as far as the eye could see.

The interesting thing about these butterflies is of course that they are a long-distance migrant, which causes the most spectacular butterfly migrations observed in Britain and Ireland. Each year, it spreads northwards from the desert fringes of North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia, recolonising mainland Europe and reaching Britain and Ireland.

Now, in my ignorance I assumed (mistakenly) that it was the same individual butterfly that started it’s migration, flying hundreds, if not thousands of miles across land and sea and then arrived here, to our delight.

But no. Apparently the butterfly that lands on our hedges and flowers and trees is in fact the 6th generation…..well, now that is to quote; ‘gob-smacking’. LOL I have learned much since arriving across thousands of miles across land and sea myself 😉 although I flew via SA Airways.

It seems that the first butterfly flies as far as it’s going to fly, it then lays it’s eggs and eventually dies, the next butterfly eventually emerges and sets off, the pattern is repeated and in due course (up to) the 6th generation is what we see here, and they are seen as far as northern Scotland, albeit the majority alight in England.

I was amazed. It’s one of those little snippets of information that is so incredible and previously so unknown that it sticks forever in your memory.

For more information about the Painted Lady (always reminds me of Geishas when I read that term) visit the Butterfly Conservation website

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Our little Peanut nearly has the muscle control to make a fist by now, but look how tiny the hands are!!!! 👶🏻❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ It’s simply breathtaking to realise that a human being can be so incredibly tiny. Oh my gosh. It’s extraordinary, the miracle of nature

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The 2 seasons I love the most are spring and autumn. The vibrant colours at each end of the spectrum vibrate with their own special energy.

The colour of Spring is yellow;

Fabulous daffodils

Daffodils in Limpsfield

Daffodils in Limpsfield

Gorgeous tulips

Tulips at Titsey Place

Tulips at Titsey Place

And beautiful rapeseed fields

Rapeseed fields Surrey

Yellow rapeseed fields in Surrey

What a joy it is to see this fabulous sunshiney colour spread far and wide in wild abandon.

How can you not feel happy when you see these glorious flowers.

Hello spring

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