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My next job/assignment starts today and the day hasn’t had the most auspicious start.

My alarm didn’t go off when it was supposed to 🤪🤪 Fortunately I had been awake for a few hours already and thought to check the time….only 10 minutes out, but with a taxi booked, I had to hustle.

I got to the station with plenty of time to spare and whilst waiting for the train, heard the dreaded announcement….my train was cancelled due to trespassers on the line 2 stations down.

I immediately sought out one of the station staff and secured authorisation to travel on the highspeed route instead…so

At the moment I’m travelling on the highspeed route to St Pancras. And its surreal….

This route is always packed to the rafters with commuters and you would be lucky to get a seat. The train is virtually empty…besides that

The train is stopping at all the small stations it doesn’t normally stop at, and I had a momentary flutter of concern…am I on the right train? But yes, it seems I am.

These are extraordinary times. Very few cars on the road, people few and far between- social distancing 😉 and an empty train

I’m just hoping that I don’t have any issues with the underground getting to my next departure point. The services have been drastically reduced and I am a tad nervous about making my connection. Besides the reduced service, I have 2 heavy grocery bags to carry and an unwieldy suitcase to lug around. 😕😕

I haven’t seen anyone wearing a mask yet 😷😷😷 and no-one has sneezed 🤧🤧 in my vicinity…so far so good. I’m being careful about what I touch and my elbows are getting a good workout 😂😂

One of the people in the houseshare coughed pretty much right through the night (hence my lack of sleep), so I used a sock on my hand to open or close doors, turn on taps and flush the 🚽 and I’m diligently washing my hands at every opportunity 🧼🧼🧼🧼

Fortunately I haven’t had any contact with her, so I can only hope her note on the fridge door was truthful “Sorry for the coughing, I have a cold.” Everyone and everything is suspect now and its quite unnerving.

Strange times. But the air feels cleaner and last night the sky was so clear I could see hundreds of stars.

Stay well every one and please be sensible about following government guidelines. I have a healthy distrust of the government on most days, and I have a healthy regard for some of the conspiracy theories that abound, but I’m still not at all keen to either contract this virus or pass it on to my loved ones….so to that end, I’ll take the news at face value and I’m being a good girl and not rebelling against the advice….

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….it surely feels like I have fallen down the rabbit hole this last few weeks.  Like Alice I have taken a tumble, met some weird and wonderful chracters, visited a marvellous garden and had some surreal experiences!

So a few weeks ago (gosh is it 3weeks already!) I started a new job.  It was really strange working in an office again and I am still getting used to having a commute and a deadline to be at work.  In my previous job, I lived in, so my commute was 2 minutes and no deadline.   Working in the office also means I have my evenings free (what’s left of them after I finish at 7pm and get home at 8pm!)

my 8pm commute 🙂

and my weekends….now that’s the cherry on the top of this particular cake.  The weekend.  No more working on weekends!  What a treat.

Last week on Tuesday I arrived at my current accommodation which in the event turned out to be a gypsy caravan and not the spare-room.  Marvellous.  What a pleasure it has been to wake up in the morning to the sounds of the river waking up; geese honking and bickering, seagulls sqwarking, ducks quaking, dozens of birds in the tree next door tweeting ( 🙂 ) away, the odd boat or two phutt phutting down the river, marvellous!!!!

phuttphutting down the river

The week has gone quickly and I have mostly had the office to myself, which has been great.  Learning lots and getting to grips with being in an office again.  Not enjoying the environment though and last week I got a couple of real shirty emails form the big cahuna…..hmmmm, if that is a precursor for the future then I think my stay will likely be shorter rather than longer.  We shall see.

So anyhow, the week whizzed by and yesterday I was able to say TGIF!!!! hooray.  When I got back to the house I was invited to stay for supper, and it was delicious.  Sausage pot with lots of vegetables.  So we were sitting around chatting and then they (my landlords and a friend who was staying over) wanted to go out so I ended up babysitting.  Cool.  Mind you the little poppet was sleeping so I never even got to see her really.

I trotted off to bed at about midnight and snuggled into my cosy little caravan and before long was fast asleep.  I am sleeping better than I have for a very long time and it is marvellous.  So this morning (Saturday) I wake up and lying in bed still snug and warm, I looked out the window and to my sheer amazement I saw a kingfisher land on the branch of the tree outside the door. Whooo!!! how fantastic.  After a short while I got up (mother nature was calling) and went to unlock the door!!! No luck. ???

I was like what!!! you godda be kidding me!!! I spent about 10 minutes trying to unlock the door, but to no avail.  One of the tumblers had fallen half way down & I couldn’t even get the key in!!!  hahahaha.   So then a wee bit of a panic set in…the landlords left early in the  morning for a weekend away! hahahaha.  I would have been ok for food, I had bought in supplies on Friday, and I had my computer for  company, I had a bottle of water…….but……????   You get it right? hmmm.  So I phoned the landlords…their phone was off..left a message anyways.  Then I phoned my friend (it’s her sisters house) and woke her up with ‘HELP!!’  Then I remembered the friend whose kiddie I had babysat the night before was sleeping over…maybe she was still here.  I phoned her number…no reply….left a desperate message (by now it was getting a tad desperate) and then phoned my friend for the house number.  She didn’t have it.  So tried the lass who was sleeping over (I wasn’t even sure she was still here) and vóila she answered…..SaveMySoul…or more like s.m.a!! hahahha

So she was still here (whew) and came trotting down to open the door.  Yay!!! Not sure what I will do tonight, but whatever it is I won’t be locking the door!

So the little poppet I babysat last night was up and we got to chatting.  She is 4 and half years old and a real treasure.  We have had the most interesting conversations, about witches turning little girls into rabbits, spiders eating flies, why geese honk, how come people row backwards,

why do people row backwards?

why I don’t think it’s a good idea to sit on a dog, how to whistle by sucking in air, being asked if I am old (?) err…truthfully??, about why my hair is white on top and brown down the sides, can I understand french and do I know what aurevoir means, why I have eeyore on my pyjamas, why I am living in the caravan, about school and reading and computers and phones….you know the usual chitter chatter of a 4year old.  Absolutely marvellous.

a little poppet

We climbed the tree (well ok she did; I helped), hung over the edge of the wall to see whats below (not too sure Mum would like that after all it’s 30 feet down and there is a mucky brown river below), swung on the hammock and I had my nails filed by a wee beautician.  All the while a running commentary of questions and answers.  There is something very special about spending a few hours in the company of a child.  They bring an innocence to life that gest forgotten as we get older and caught up in the maelstrom of being an adult.

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