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This is a very timely and useful article. It definitely pertains to me in that climate change and the effect that plastic is having on the oceans hasΒ  been causing extreme anxiety, especially since I learned that my daughter is expecting a baby…her first child; my first grandchild. Since her and her husband announced the baby’s pending arrival, my stress levels have gone up quite a lot #understatement

I’m doing as much as I can to negate my impact on the climate, but as they say in the article, individually we can only do so much. But if our governments are not taking responsibility or massive action then that in itself will cause more stress, and I can well imagine the scientists must be under extreme stress. Just the very fact that the UK government has allowed fracking to go ahead tells us the story of their interest in their citizens and community. Of course we know that they’re going to make money off it, and not necessarily for the public purse… #justsaying

There are people who will continue to deny it…. “It’s the people who don’t seem bothered by environmental crisis who need therapy the most, to figure out why they are so numb and in denial,’ he tells us.”

The article suggests joining local community based groups who are also environmental activists in order to keep sane. I have already joined a number of community groups on instagram and Facebook and its encouraging to see how much they are doing, it keeps me focused, as well as which I do what I can. But quite honestly, it does keep me awake at night πŸŒƒ

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/18/climate-change-is-causing-ecoanxiety-and-damaging-our-mental-health-what-can-we-do-8047167/?ito=cbshare

Actions I already take

Converting to veganism – an ongoing process and I do fall down occasionally when it comes to dairy products, although I have now finally converted to soya milk in my tea. πŸ™‚

Saying no to plastic straws – I took a pledge nearly 2 years ago to never again use a plastic straw and I haven’t. Someone at a local coffee shop put a plastic straw in an avocado drink I was having and as my daughter said to the waitron “take it away before she goes into meltdown”. LOL

Saying no to plastic water bottles – I stopped this a long time ago. It’s bloody ridiculous to sell us water in plastic bottles that take thousands of litres to produce. We have tap water. We live in a 1st word country. We don’t draw water from an infected well. fck!! This is the one thing above all else that irks me the most.

Saying no to plastic bags – yup. makes sense. It’s seriously ironic that 3rd world countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Botswana as well as others have banned them. As usual the UK and USA and EU are WAY BEHIND.

Buying products in glass where available, even if its more expensive.

Buying products in cardboard where possible.

Not buying for fashion, but rather as I need it. Have you seen Stacey Dooley’s documentaries about the fashion industry?

Conserving water πŸ’¦ and being mindful of my usage.

Changes made by others due to my persistent requests:

Our local milkshake bar changed from plastic straws to biodegradable.

Our local chip shop changed from polystyrene boxes to compostable.

As individuals there is so much we can do, without experiencing overwhelm. I love the #2minutecleanup campaign on instagram

I share the devastating images of dead seabirds and other sea creatures from @balloonsblow in facebook

I am constantly alert as to what more I can do to make a difference and reduce my carbon footprint, and mindful of what I buy and why I buy it.

I try and set an example by modifying my behaviour

I try to share information for others to be aware of the catastrophic effects our throw-away plastic lifestyle is having on the planet.

I realise that we can’t live a life completely without plastic in the immediate future, but we can drastically reduce our consumption of the product by avoiding it wherever possible. –Β I used the word consumption, because as you know, microscopic plastic fibres are now in our water supply and our food chain….even in salt.

Regards going vegan, I get mocked by family members who feel comfortable with sending me what they see as humorous images of what is tantamount to cruelty to animals. Friends come up with the old bullshit of vegetables having feelings too and how they feel pain. That is throwback to when people who were going vegan were regarded as nutters or veganism was considered a fad. Its not. Try watching ‘What The Health’ on Netflix then come talk to me again.

The biggest impact you can have on saving this planet for future generations is to cut back on plastic, stop buying bottled water and if you can’t become vegan, at least try being vegetarian or flexitarian.


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How pretty is this! πŸ’—πŸ’—

I’ve been wanting to make the jump from vegetarian to vegan for quite some time now but due to laziness (food enjoyment) and convenience, as well as the complications of cooking 2 separate meals every day when I’m working, and all the issues many of my clients have just with me being vegetarian never mind vegan, I haven’t quite made the jump, although I have cut out a lot of processed food stuff and focussed on buying organic foods etc. On Tuesday the week before last, after arriving at my next assignment, I got horribly horribly ill during the night and spent virtually the whole of the next day in bed, virtually comotose and incapable of getting up, never mind actually working. Fortunately the situation on the day meant I could just stay in bed, but by the next day it was decided I should leave, which I did. Ironically it was the foil wrapped baked potato I had for lunch at the client that made me ill.

After getting so ill, I just couldn’t bear to eat anything with dairy or anything processed so I went out and bought myself a whole pile of fresh vegetables to make a thick soup.

This gave me the nudge that I needed to reassess my dietary habits. So, inspired by people on instagram with whom I’ve been connected for some time now, as well as the profiles @fieldsoffreedom and @minovalleyfarmsanctuary who’ve really opened my eyes (soul) to the reality of my contribution to the suffering of factory farmed animals and intensive dairy farming, I’ve finally crossed the rubicon. So, the vegan recipe magazine my beloved daughter gave me at Christmas, has now been dusted off ready to be examined,

and a huge pot of vegetable soup, which I absolutely love anyway, simmered on the stove (it smelt delicious). I know the journey is going to have its twists and turns, challenges (walking the Camino) and temptations (afternoon tea – which y’all know I love 🀨🀨🀨), but after all the above, linked to having just watched the documentary, Before the Flood, for me, it’s now become a must rather than a desire. Even if my little contribution goes unnoticed in the wider scheme of things, I want my legacy, even a tiny one, to be something that will make a difference for future generations. So I hereby declare that I am now on the path and starting the journey to becoming 100% vegan. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

I’m not sure where this journey will take me going forward, but I do hope that I can make the conversion easier by reminding myself of the reasons why I want to do this….especially when temptation knocks at my door. Wish me luck.

02/04/2018 Update. I was really heartened to read this article in the Guardian this morning. I guess this means that people can no longer poo poo veganism as a ‘trend’ for weirdos and hippy types. Not that I mind being classified as a weirdo if it means that I no longer subscribe to cruelty to animals (think intensive farming and slaughter houses) and by becoming vegan I can contribute to the reduction in climate change (albeit a very very tiny reduction from just me), and contribute towards the eventual health of the planet. Now if only more people would get on board, imagine the difference we could make; our legacy for future generations. Hope you enjoy the article.


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