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My favourite times of the year are autumn and winter. Although I do love spring…and there’s a lot to be said about summer 😉

I’m an autumn person – I love the rich golden patchwork of colours, the misty mornings, the chill in the air, the crunch of crispy leaves underfoot, the smell of bonfires, that extra hour in bed as the clocks go back, and the lateness of sunrise.

Golden Autumn colours

In fact autumn and winter are pretty much the only time I get to see the sunrise – for no other reason than that I love my first cup of tea in bed with a biscuit. I’m not an early riser.

Between assignments I’ve been staying at the new guest house I’ve found, a mere 3 minute walk from the cliff tops above the sea….and facing east.

I love sunrise and I love walking, so I’ve been getting up early to make the most of the free time available (except for the last few days when I’ve been poorly and just didn’t have the energy to get dressed, never mind drag myself out the door).

But last week, before the shock of losing my pending assignment (due to the absolute dishonesty and sneakyness of the current carer), jumped up and smacked me in the head and laid me low, I got up early for 3 days in a row and went out for a sunrise walk.

Here are some of the images….is there anything more privileged than being alive to watch the sun come up? Except perhaps still being alive to watch the sun go down

Sunrise – Ramsgate Beach
Sunset – Pegwell Bay
Sunrise – Ramsgate Beach
Sunset – Ramsgate Harbour
Sunrise – Ramsgate Beach
Sunset – Ramsgate Harbour

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The Two Popes

I’ve been unexpectedly stuck at the B&B since last Friday and bored with TV and reading, my daughter suggested I download Netflix and watch a couple of movies.

I first watched a remake of ‘Rebecca’ – a classic that seldom disappoints.

Then I spotted ‘The Two Popes’. I’d so wanted to see this when it was first released and it didn’t disappoint.

It’s an intimate portrayal of two men; one the Pope and the other a Cardinal, and a supposed conversation they had at a momentous time in history.

Based on true events, although the conversation is imagined, it is incredibly feasible. Since no-one, besides the two real life characters themselves know what was said during their brief time together, we can but only imagine.

The ‘conversation’ is beautifully written and the characters sensitively portrayed by Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce – both exceptional character actors who were totally convincing as the people they portrayed.

I’m not at all religious and believe in evolution, but I found myself drawn into the drama of the situation and their story. It was so very poignant and I found myself sobbing during some of the scenes.

A most enjoyable film, the story of which has lingered well past the last scene….

I love a film that leaves you thinking about it for days and raises questions like: if no-one is to blame, is everyone to blame….

A very deep and thought-provoking film. I’m definitely going to watch it again. I’m also going to do more research on the current Pope; Francis ( Jorge Mario Bergoglio). I’ve always liked him and think he’s a breath of fresh air.

The question he raised at his speech in Lampedusa is going to haunt me ….

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