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OMG! Seriously, how tense are the blessed US elections.

I wish they’d just get it over with now.

I was determined to NOT watch the coverage because I really CANNOT stand the orange swamp thing and usually switch off when he appears on screen.

Whilst I don’t think Joe Biden is the best candidate, and I’d love to see a younger person, less establishment, stepping up to contest the position of President, I hope he wins – I will thoroughly ENJOY watching the current encumbent get his marching orders.

I’d love him to refuse to leave, just so we can watch him being removed, preferably kicking and screaming.

Meanwhile, its fun to see how he’s scrambling and screaming already …so many useless legal challenges, keeping the litigators busy, and he is an expert in criminal charges.

Its fascinating to hear him screaming ‘fraud’ – of course he’s an expert in that area too, I’d say something of an expert really.

Ugh. Come on….get it over with and lets see him disappear into oblivion, preferably at the bottom of that swamp…

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