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I was scrolling through articles looking for something to read when I spotted this article. It immediately caught my attention because of my planned but not achieved Camino from Porto to Santiago (another year then!). But, I had wanted to visit Lisbon too, so had t read this. what a delight. It’s made me more than ever desirous of a visit to Lisbon before I start my Camino…I’ve wanted to visit Portugal for ever such a long time.

Jules Verne Times Two

I remember walking about one of Lisbon’s cobbled streets with my dad, many years ago. We came up to a gentleman selling Borda D’Água, an old almanac created in the 1920s. I wondered what sort of use could somebody living in Lisbon have for a farming calendar and other agricultural tidbits. Apparently, alfacinhas (the nickname given to Lisbon residents, literally meaning lettuces) are indeed interested in agriculture because, to this day, the old almanac is still sold on Lisbon’s streets, virtually unchanged.

Maybe we need the almanac to plant lettuces on all those urban vegetable gardens that are popping up all around the city. The truth though is that there’s a lot I don’t know about Lisbon, the city where I was born and currently live on. Nevertheless, given that this blog is filled with stuff we blabber on about after visiting a place for just a few days, I…

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