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I subscribe to sumofus and receive notifications of their various campaigns…..I usually sign the petitions for the issues about which I am most concerned….and of course I have signed this particular one because it is one of my bug-bears! According to NASA’s new report, California only has enough water to get it through the next year. People are under strict water-saving measures; farmers are struggling to keep their crops alive.

Yet, Nestlé is bottling water from at least ten natural springs throughout California, including from some of the most drought-stricken areas of the state, and selling it for profit. In places like Sacramento, it’s paying less than $0.14 per gallon.


My thoughts; why should Néstle give a damn (no pun intended)? When the water runs out they’ll simply pack up and move elsewhere. In the meantime, stupid people keep buying the bottled water. Truly people, wake up and take some responsibility for your part in this. It’s not just the corporations that are culpable…..every one, including me in the past, who has bought a bottle of water is responsible for this situation…..besides which we are cluttering up the environment with a mountain of plastic that won’t ever disappear…..it’ll be here in a thousand years time….and it’ll be our fault.

I still recall quite clearly the days when bottled water first appeared on the supermarket shelves. I wasn’t a fan then and I’m not a fan now.  However, there have been times when for convenience sake I have bought bottled water while out on a hot day or travelling. Now I make a concerted effort to carry a bottle of tap water with me in a re-usable bottle…albeit plastic, which it seems we can’t get away from. But I simply won’t ‘buy’ into the wasteful habit and laziness of buying bottled water off the shelf in either the supermarket or the local take-away, or anywhere for that matter.

So how to stop Néstle? Stop buying the bottles of water!. It’s simple.  It’s like the fuel and gas issues…..people protest, they have sit-ins and and demonstrations….then they go home to their central heating, put the kettle on, turn on a tap for a bath, switch on the gas cooker and expect everything to be honky dorey at home, and if it isn’t then they blame the government for the lack of whatever…….It’s a farce. So long as we keep using and buying we are as responsible as the corporations…..stop buying and they won’t have customers to sell to. Simple!!

Frankly speaking, I think buying bottled water is a pretentious habit and we have been duped into thinking that it’s good for us to drink bottled water. The only places it’s good to not drink the local water is in countries where they don’t have water filtration and tapped water on supply. Anywhere else in the world and it’s pretentious. If you happen to find yourself in one of those countries that don’t provide tapped water, then carry a supply of water purification tablets.   People travelled for aeons without bottled water, ran marathons, climbed mountains, and visited countries where they didn’t have water on tap for hundreds of years before bottled water appeared on the supermarket shelves.

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