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Heading home…

Well here it is….28 days down and I’m heading home!! It’s been a tiring stint and as before quite stressful, but now it’s welcome to Monday 2nd February….looks to be a fine start to the first week of February, albeit -3 out the sun is up, the ground is crunchy underfoot, the birds are singing, there’s a whisper of a breeze in the air, it’s a gorgeous day…..


Oh, and we’re heading for spring. Hoorayyyy!!
I’m meeting up in London with my chica this evening and we’re going for dinner at a restaurant near Kings Cross. I’ve been invited to review the restaurant for 3 Days in London, so am really looking forward to it.


Lovely London on a clear winter's day...

I’ll be home for 3.5 days before coming back here for another 2 weeks …the old gent I’m caring for wants me to stay all the time!! Uhmmm, no…I have to have a break mate!!
I am so looking forward to tea and biscuits and in-depth conversation with my lassy, walks on the beach, watching the sun rise over the sea….and peace!!!

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