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……..drumroll…….”The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the elderly and beautiful”.

england vs ireland Saturday dawned grey and cold….a typical spring day in the UK and although I had planned to go find more easter eggs for the Big Egg Hunt, it was cold and wet so I decided to change my plans. Thats what plans are for…the be changed 🙂 Church Street looked cheerful & gay with the England and Irish flags lining the street; a rugby game was due to kick off at Twickenham stadium later that day.

First off CJ and I headed into Twickenham; Church Street to Sweetie Pies to partake of Guiness cupcakes and tea…seriously, the genius cupcake maker had concocted a mixture of chocolate and guiness for the St Patrick’s Day cupcakes. My conclusion…they were delicious.St Patrick's Day cupcakes...Guiness flavour!! Initially I turned my nose up at the prospect of guiness in my cupcake and on arrival declared that there was no way I could eat a cupcake that contained guiness…..urgh, I cant stand the smell of guiness and the thought turned my stomach. But, when I had a look at the dainty little creations…I though hmmmm, well maybe. So the ever so delightful ……..let me try a wee bit of hers….and voila, 10 minutes later I was tucking into what turned out to be a scrumptious cupcake. Very rich, and certainly very filling and totally delicious. Never say ‘never’ hmmmmm. The reason for our visit was of course Mother’s Day (on Sunday) and CJ was treating me to an outing….what a treasure she is.

Whilst we were chatting and partaking we got to discussing movies. I havn’t been to the cinmea in well over a year and am always bemoaning the fact that I get to miss so many great movies. I love going to the cinema, it’s like you are transported into another world.    However, the cost has become a bit prohibitive, so I dont get to go as often as I would like.
So on Saturday we were talking about the latest offering….”The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the elderly and beautiful” Oh my word, what a treat and am I sooooooo glad I went.The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

It was a delight from beginning to end.   Sad and funny and poignant and so very typical, not only of the age group but also of the British. I felt the characters were beautifully portrayed and the essence of their age-group; the middle upper-class, and the characteristics of the typical attitudes and quirks of the British were captured perfectly.   In my previous job as a carer, I cared for every one of those characters portrayed in the movie.   What struck me as the most sad was of course how people shut themselves off from life and emotions and restrict themselves from enjoyment and experience.   Full of prejudice, and unbending ‘this is how it should be’, they make themselves so very lonely.   Unable to imagine that there could be a different way of being.

The rascism of the age was captured very well without being over the top or blaming, it melted in the face of experience and some of the characters opened and bloomed like flowers after rain in a desert.    Joyful, and fun, silly and noisy, vibrant, colourful and yes….exotic, it is a must for everyone.     A fabulous journey through a microscopic sliver of life, it made me want to sell up everything I own and go to India.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was enchanting, the Indian characters a delight, with their own prejudices and rascism, the characters well portrayed without going over the top. The central character played by Dev of Slumdog Millionaire was a delight and he was perfect for the role; bursting with energy and enthusiasam with a head full of dreams. For one, I hope to see him in many more films. I am also now itching to go to India. I realise it is probably not like it was portrayed in the movie, but I would love to experience the colours and the noise, the hustle and bustle, the exhuberance and the craziness the food and definitely the sounds and smells……..the only thing in my opinion that was missing. The rest was just right. Not too much, and not too little.

Judi Dench was an absolute treat, Bill Nighy played his character just right, Tom Wilkinson was perfect, and Maggie Smith almost stole the show…although that honour definitely goes to Dev Patel…., enthusiastic, charming, disorganised and filled with dreams……..

A class act, in the same genre as Fried Green Tomatoes, Driving Miss Daisy and Tea with Mussolini. No doubt if I sat and thought about it some more, I could come up with a list of films in the same category…..but these will suffice for now. Go and see it if you can…it is just wonderful.

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