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the big egg hunt golden egg faberge

my favourite so far 🙂 #77 Blackberry Moon

Okay, so if I don’t kill myself finding these eggs, I am gonna have to #RIP my feet.

There is nothing I like more than a challenge, and boy has this easter egg hunt been a cool challenge.  There are over 209 eggs dotted about the city from Westminster to Southwark, Canary Wharf to the City of London and Bloomsbury….and I am determined to find them all.

Last weekend saw me scurrying about Westminster for 6 hours, here and there across the city, I crossed the river more times than I can recall. Some I found, and some, to my dismay I walked right passed!   Which means of course that I have to go back again. In all I found 27.

Today was no less exhausting as I travelled for miles in my quest to find some more. After 5 hours I had only tracked down 19 😦 and next weekend will see me walking the length and breadth of Bloomsbury and Westminster to track down some more. Thankfully many are clumped together in close proximity, but that is no guarantee you will find them.  Some are so cleverly hidden as a window display that you can walk right passed and not even see them

So here are the photos.

Last weekend


I would love to describe my walk, about how last weekend was lovely and sunny and the daffodils are beginning to peek through, and today it rained and rained and I got soaked, and how I met a lovely young man from Estonia at egg #9 in Canary Wharf and how he joined me for my hunt through the City of London and how we rushed up and down the streets and jumped in the air when we found another one! About how I discovered dozens of super cool new sculptures, how this egg hunt has taken me to different parts of the city, that believe it or not I have not yet seen……but…….I am toooooo tired…..in fact I am so tired I am falling asleep at my computer. So now I am going to bath and bed, and when I recover, if I recover, I shall set out to find some more 🙂

Oh yes, and before I forget….this is meant to be a competition with the prize being a Fabérge egg worth £100,000-00 but guess who hasn’t entered?? hee hee, yes I am doing it just for the fun of it. Shame I don’t have my super duper new phone yet, then I woulda been able to scan in the code and post it to facebook (on their page). ah well.

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